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Best Types of Facebook Ads for Law Firm Marketing

As I’ve written about before, Facebook’s advertising platform is growing at an exponential rate, giving Google AdWords a run for its money. In fact, Facebook says over 1.8 billion peope use its social media platform every month. But to the social media advertising novice, Facebook’s advertising platform may appear to be a little overwhelming. In this, the first of a two-part series, we will discuss the different types of Facebook ads and the corresponding metrics you should pay... [MORE]

Niche Marketing

May 16, 2017 | by Stacey Burke | Marketing Services
As you can imagine, we work with a lot of law firms, providing for significant practice area overlap. When we work on branding, messaging, and copywriting for firms with the same practice areas, it is important for us to distinguish them from each other and from their competitors. As a lawyer, you are a specialist providing a service focused on a specific client group's needs – but so are other law firms – so what can you do? Niche marketing is one way to make a law firm stand out... [MORE]

Going Local: Five Tips To Get Your Law Firm Website To Appear In Local Search Results

May 08, 2017 | by Emma Hanes | Google | SEO
If you live in Houston and you search Google for a plumber in the area, it isn’t helpful to see results for plumbers in California. This sounds obvious, but this concept is having profound effects on search engine results. In order to provide users with the best possible results to match their search, Google shows a preference for businesses based on the searcher’s location. If your law firm website is not optimized for local search, you’ll be left out. Location, Location,... [MORE]

The One Thing to Make Your Email Blasts Better: Segmenting

May 03, 2017 | by Lisa Hopkins | Email Marketing
Email marketing can be one of the most cost effective methods of communicating with your current clients, former clients, and professional contacts. A monthly or quarterly e-newsletter can showcase big victories, introduce new partners or associates, and provide a recurring touch point to keep your firm top of mind. While many law firms utilize their email contact lists for electronic newsletters, most miss the boat when it comes to personalized interaction with their various types... [MORE]

Law Firm Marketing Strategies: Traditional VS Digital

Users increasingly find businesses to use and products to buy via search engines online. Thus, spending on digital marketing only continues to increase. A question has arisen as to whether the marketing world will soon do away with traditional tactics and let digital strategies take over. Sure, many law firms are moving toward predominantly digital marketing plans but that’s not to say traditional marketing is vanishing anytime soon. Is one marketing approach really better than the... [MORE]