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SEO Tips for Social Media Managers

A great article and infographic from Sprout Social for lawyers to read about social media's impact on SEO: "The connection between social media and SEO has been debated for years. Marketers continue to argue over whether or not social media activity influences search rankings and while there’s evidence to support both sides, the truth is that there’s no concrete answer. What we do know is that social media can be used as a part of your SEO strategy." [MORE]

Measuring Law Firm Business Development Success and Return on Investment

Sep 08, 2015 | by Stacey Burke | Business Development | Intake
Business development is a law firm’s real world source of new business opportunities. Lawyers engaging in business development utilize the tools created by and for marketing in their efforts. Cultivating and maintaining relationships with existing and established clients and referral sources must comprise a portion of your business development time and resources. Additionally, finding new opportunities keeps your business competitive with your practice area peers. Getting too... [MORE]

Top Ten Reasons We Hate Case Management Software

Legal industry software has come a long way over the past few years. Case management software used to require a local server and make remote or mobile access virtually impossible. Despite improvements in user interface, accessibility, and customization, case management software is still considered largely a necessary evil by most law firms.  Successful client matter management depends on formalized workflows, good quality people, agreed-upon documents, secure and consistent data,... [MORE]

Google Now Shows Tweets In Search Results

In May, Google and Twitter partnered to bring tweets into mobile search results. This partnership and the subsequent mobile indexing of tweets as organic search results were huge for Twitter and social media users like me. Google updated its original announcement that it will now also be including tweets within search results on desktop as well, and in English everywhere. Why Google Indexing Tweets is Great For Twitter More information is indexed and available to... [MORE]

The Top 10 Reasons Email Signatures Have Issues

This blog post contains an interactive exchange between longtime legal industry marketing expert and attorney Stacey Burke and Nick Lindauer, the Vice President of Operations and Client Services for one of Houston’s most successful digital marketing agencies, Forthea.   The development and implementation of a company-wide email signature appears to be simple, but is surprisingly complex. No matter how detailed the coding process, something always can (and will) go wrong. Email... [MORE]

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