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What is the Difference Between Law Firm Marketing and Law Firm Business Development?

Successful law firms must employ both marketing and business development to grow their practices, but many firms frequently (and incorrectly) use the terms interchangeably. While both marketing and business development contribute to growing your law firm’s bottom line, each has different and distinct responsibilities. A marketing person can design a website and produce content, but the relationship your client is interested in paying for is not with them – it is with the lawyer... [MORE]

Our First Anniversary

I am proud to announce that April 2014 marks Stacey E. Burke, P.C.’s first year in business as a full-time operation. I look back across my career path with gratitude, pride, and happiness. I have been fortunate to work for some of the most supportive and successful lawyers in Texas. Now, in my consulting practice, I am thrilled to work with the same caliber of law firms (and a few other entities) on a national and international level.  Gratitude for my Experience I began my legal... [MORE]

Websites & Online Tools to Keep Lawyers In The Know

Every week, I commit two to three total hours to reading, learning, and cataloguing new websites, apps, and other legal technology.  The exercise of learning new skills, retaining new information, and stretching your mental capabilities keeps your brain sharp, and can decrease your risk of mental fatigue and “aging brain.” Today, I’ll share with you some of my favorite online legal resources and tools that can keep you focused and learning. Legal Technology LTN: Law Technology... [MORE]

Twitter 101 for Lawyers and Law Firms

Even if you aren’t on it, you have probably heard of Twitter. It is a free social media platform with a mobile app, website, and third party applications. Sometimes it gets a bad rap for its constant stream of updates, including “what I had for breakfast” posts. I maintain that the value of Twitter, and really all social media, comes with who you follow and how you use it. I’m a Twitter-evangelist. Why? Twitter trumps Facebook for engagement, audience building and search engine... [MORE]

Direct Mail Marketing for Lawyers: Is Print Media Still in the Game?

If our client requests constitute indicators of the legal marketing landscape, print collateral, direct mail, brochures, business cards, print advertising, and all things print-related remain in high-demand at law firms.  As lawyers, our print marketing materials must comply with the applicable state bar advertising rules; therefore, these rules need to be considered at every stage of print collateral creation, especially considering the initial review process for pre-approval can... [MORE]