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Getting Media Coverage for Your Law Firm Press Release

Jul 23, 2014 | by Stacey Burke
Back in November of last year, I wrote about digital press releases for law firms.  Since that time, the power of online media distribution channels has decreased. While I have always included a direct-to-media campaign along with my digital press releases, relationships with the media and the ability to reach them quickly has become more important now than ever before. The use of the “press drop,” targeted press email campaigns, and other alternative tactics can often lead to more... [MORE]

Convert Your Prospects: Improve Your Intake Process

I am fortunate in that my days involve speaking to new prospects around the country, almost all of which are law firms. Any law firm that contacts me seeking to spend a significant budget on marketing is first asked questions about their existing infrastructure. One of my biggest Stacey-isms (if there is such a thing) is “do not spend money on marketing unless and until you have the internal systems set up to handle the increased intake.” Most marketing agencies and vendors only... [MORE]

What to Expect from Professional Services Marketing

Jul 10, 2014 | by Stacey Burke | Marketing Services
Most law firms engage in marketing to gain business and make money as a result. With a limited grasp of what marketing involves, and pocketbooks that often can dole out large sums of money, the law firm partner may wind up spending hundreds of thousands of dollars without being able to quantify results. From digital press releases to lawyer training courses to paid search advertising to the ever-elusive SEO, lawyers often can’t even have unrealistic expectations because they have... [MORE]

Why Your Law Firm Marketing Should Include SlideShare

Marketing your law firm digitally has changed rather dramatically over the past decade. Not only do lawyers of all practice areas now need to effectively use social media (at the very least LinkedIn), but they must also manage a substantial amount of SEO copywriting, including regular blogging. But how will people come to read that digital content? Inbound marketing.  Inbound marketing means what it sounds like – marketing designed to drive users inbound to your law firm website or... [MORE]

How to Measure the Success of Your Law Firm Blog

Most lawyers know by now that adding quality content on a regular basis to their law firm website is a crucial part of a successful digital marketing strategy. But, even if law firms are adding content to their websites, most do not monitor any metrics of blogging effectiveness. Legal Content Can Be Kind of Dull Creating interesting or compelling law firm website content must be done on a continuous basis, and you should always improve upon it. How many times can one write about... [MORE]