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2014 Law Marketing Trends

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In 2013, social media, content marketing, and mobile optimization dominated the law marketing arena. By now, your firm probably has a blog that is updated weekly, a Facebook and Twitter presence, and maybe even a responsive website or microsite. While these digital marketing fundamentals are still important, in order to remain competitive in 2014, your law firm will have to take its online efforts to the next level.

Segment and target your marketing 

In lieu of mass marketing the same message to an entire mailing list, email list, or social media following, 2014 will continue a trend toward highly targeted marketing messages. The increasing numbers of social media users means increased access to specific demographic information. Law firms can now drill down and target their “gold standard” potential client in new ways never before available. For example, your message can target a 42-year-old, maritime worker in Louisiana and exclude a 76-year-old woman who recently did an online search for Pradaxa.


It’s no longer enough to just produce content; and, more content is not necessarily better. While 2013 saw an increase in optimized content across all platforms, in 2014, search engines will place increased emphasis on the social engagement surrounding your content. Most firms that inquire about our law marketing services at SEBPC already have Twitter and Facebook accounts for themselves or their firms. The majority of law firm social media channels are sadly set up to auto-update from a blog solely for SEO purposes. Pushing out links does not lead to increased user engagement. Building a social audience, and providing them with content they “like” or “share” will become not unlike the powerful link building of SEO days gone by. Reading and understanding your analytics will provide the keys to this kingdom.

Google Domination – Google Plus and YouTube

Changes to Google authorship will continue to impact SEO significantly. Video consumption continues to increase exponentially, and your firm should factor a series of short, informative videos about your practice areas, significant cases, education points, and testimonials into your budget for 2014 marketing. Quality, optimized video content will help your law firm outpace its competitors in the world of search engine rankings.

Websites Optimized Across All Devices

Mobile-optimized sites saw exponential growth in 2013; one study showed 76% of adult Internet users in the United States searched online before they contacted a lawyer in the past year. 50% of searches are done on a mobile or tablet device. Don’t miss a potential case because they couldn’t read your website content – or worse, could not access your website on their device.

What is your firm focusing on in 2014? Are these on your list, too? 

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Stacey E. Burke is both an experienced trial lawyer and law firm business consultant. She works with lawyers and law firms around the world to improve their business development, marketing, and infrastructures.

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