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5 Tips For Perfecting Your Law Firm’s Social Media Designs

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It’s no secret that imagery is a major component of social media marketing today. As marketing professionals, we cannot stress enough the importance of featuring visual content on your social platforms. This goes beyond sharing the occasional photo or graphic on your feed. Today we are specifically highlighting the value of clean, professional social media designs.

Believe it or not, the cover photos and avatar images from your law firm’s social accounts are sometimes the first visuals people will see relating to your law firm. So how do you make a good first impression? After all, 65% of people are visual learners and will form an opinion about your law firm based on what they see online. Fortunately for you, we have a few tips and tricks up our sleeve for you to master the art of a perfect law firm social media profile.

1. Consistency Is Key

We’ve said it before and we will say it again, all branding for your law firm needs to be consistent, and social media designs are no exception. Cover photos, profile images, and usernames need to be consistent across all of your firm’s social media channels. While they do not need to be identical, they need to look related. Need a starting point? The law firm website is a great place to start. You’ll want to use the same fonts, color scheme, and logo used on your website in your social designs so clients will immediately recognize your business.

2. Keep It Simple

Yes, it’s true that consumers appreciate visuals – but if your images get too busy you run the risk of overwhelming and losing potential new clients. Keep the “less is more” proverb in mind and avoid cluttered, irrelevant visuals to represent your firm. Clean and professional is always the way to go.

3. Play By The Rules 

Each social media platform has its own guidelines and requirements when it comes to profile images. Whether it’s the size of the profile and cover photos, actual content, or logos, etc., you want to make sure you’re in the know and following social media channel design best practices.

Standard sizing for social imagery is as follows:



4. Include Key Information

While we do want to keep the design clean and simple when it comes to your cover photo and profile image, contact information can be a great use of space. Rather than forcing potential clients to click through several tabs to find your website URL or phone number, simply list the information in your cover photo.  You can also include things like “Se habla español,” your firm’s tagline or mission, or your practice areas.

Below are a few examples of clean cover photos with a smart use of space in the image. Notice in each cover photo you immediately get a clear idea of what the firm does, and how to reach them:




5. Make Sure Your Social Media Channel Designs Are Mobile Friendly

Most people will access your social media channels while on their phones, as almost 80% of the time spent on social media platforms happens on a mobile device. This is another area in which the sizing of images and the content contained in your designs are essential. Make sure the most important information is displayed correctly on every type of mobile device. 

It’s important to view your social profiles on various devices to ensure a flawless display. To do this, Google your social profiles on your mobile phone’s browser, test out how your profile displays on the actual social media apps, and look at third party apps such as Hootsuite or TweetBot to cover all of your bases.

Need Help?

If you’d like a few social media experts to take a look at your law firm social media profiles, or build out completely new profiles, contact us today.


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