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New Year, New Hires: Best Hiring Practices for Law Firms

Hiring a new employee can be incredibly daunting. At least one person at your law firm will have their work hours reallocated to combing through potentially hundreds of resumes, enduring back-to-back phone interviews, and finally selecting someone with no guarantee about how he or she will work out. While the process can seem overwhelming, keep in mind this can be a great opportunity to define your firm’s corporate culture, inject new energy and ideas into the firm, and ultimately... [MORE]

What Your Brand Identity Says About Your Law Firm

Dec 13, 2017 | by Lisa Hopkins | Law Firm Branding
Brand identity is something widely discussed in the marketing sphere, but isn’t always top-of-mind for those working in other industries. Law firms in particular have difficulty articulating their brand identity outside of a summation of their practice areas. But having a clear idea of your firm’s overall brand identity, and using that template to drive all of the firm’s marketing efforts, will result in a more powerful and cohesive message to potential new clients and referral... [MORE]

Out With The Old and In With The New: Website Trends That Need to End and Five New Trends for 2018

Website design trends come and go as technology evolves over the years. Some trends have a natural death as better options become available, such as Adobe Flash. Some seem like a good idea because they are easy, like widgets. And some are complete mysteries, like the rise in hamburger menus for desktop website design. All three of these trends need to end with 2017, and here’s why: Adobe Flash  Adobe Flash is software that was widely used by website designers and developers at the... [MORE]

Don’t Send Emails on a Friday Afternoon (And Other Email Marketing Tips)

Sep 20, 2017 | by Lisa Hopkins | Email Marketing
In previous posts, we’ve covered best practices in email design. Now comes the next struggle: your email blast is ready to send… but exactly when should you send it? Before we dive into exact dates and times, let’s consider what we’re trying to accomplish when sending law firm marketing emails. How to Measure Email Success The two best metrics to use when measuring the success of an email campaign are 1) open rates and 2) click-through rates. Open rates are incredibly important... [MORE]

Email Design Trends for Law Firms

Email is often one of the most effective, most economical, and most underutilized marketing tools for law firms. Email marketing platforms such as MailChimp and Constant Contact have minimal monthly costs (and may be free depending on the number of contacts your law firm imports), and provide a way for law firms to stay top-of-mind with their current and past clients as well as referral attorneys and other industry contacts. When communicating on behalf of your brand via email... [MORE]

A Video is Worth a Thousand Words

Jun 29, 2017 | by Lisa Hopkins | Video Marketing
As we’ve written about previously, client reviews are an incredibly important part of a digital marketing strategy. They serve as a verification point for your law firm, complete with an actual person’s opinion to listen to. With the rise in video across the digital sphere, obtaining video testimonials from your clients is a great way to showcase your law firm in a fresh manner. Having clients speak on camera about their experience with your law firm not only provides much of the... [MORE]

Understanding Facebook Advertising Metrics

Last week we covered the various types of Facebook advertising campaigns, including when and why a law firm should each. Now that your campaigns are running, Facebook provides a wealth of analytical data on the ads. Sifting through all of these numbers can be a bit overwhelming; below are the top indicators to focus on when evaluating the success of your Facebook advertising campaigns. Impressions, Reach, and Frequency  Impressions are the number of times your ad is viewed, while... [MORE]

Best Types of Facebook Ads for Law Firm Marketing

This blog post won the SmallLaw Pick of the Week award, signifying its importance among the most noteworthy articles about small law firms published during that week. As I’ve written about before, Facebook’s advertising platform is growing at an exponential rate, giving Google AdWords a run for its money. In fact, Facebook says over 1.8 billion peope use its social media platform every month. But to the social media advertising novice, Facebook’s advertising platform may appear to... [MORE]

The One Thing to Make Your Email Blasts Better: Segmenting

May 03, 2017 | by Lisa Hopkins | Email Marketing
Email marketing can be one of the most cost effective methods of communicating with your current clients, former clients, and professional contacts. A monthly or quarterly e-newsletter can showcase big victories, introduce new partners or associates, and provide a recurring touch point to keep your firm top of mind. While many law firms utilize their email contact lists for electronic newsletters, most miss the boat when it comes to personalized interaction with their various types... [MORE]

Your Face Here: Five Tips for Perfect Headshots

Apr 05, 2017 | by Lisa Hopkins | Headshots
In the age of the “selfie,” posing for professional headshots can seem outdated and expensive. Almost everyone has a phone or other mobile device with an amazing camera, so why spend the money to have photos taken? The answer is easy: projecting an image of success and professionalism bolsters your law firm’s legitimacy. It communicates the firm takes its image seriously. Below are my top five recommendations for photo shoots. What to Wear Wear solid, muted tones, including... [MORE]

Facebook Advertising Versus Google AdWords: Battle of the Billon Dollar Markets

In today’s digital landscape, more and more options are available to businesses willing to spend money for online advertising. Between Google, YouTube, display ads, remarketing, social media, lawyer directory websites, and more, it can be difficult to navigate the options and determine the best fit for your law firm.  While Google AdWords is still the biggest kid on the block, Facebook is inching closer every year and has, in many ways, outpaced Google in terms of targeting. Below... [MORE]

Is Your Website Secure? It Should Be.

Over 40% of the word’s population uses the Internet, equating to 3.26 billion users. Four million Google searches are conducted worldwide each minute of everyday. And in a recent study, one-fifth of all Americans reported being on the Internet “almost constantly.” There is no question about it: we now consume more information, purchase more products, and research more companies online than every before. But what secures information provided online, and should you implement security... [MORE]

A New Year in Website Design: Trends for 2017

Last year was a big year in terms of development updates and changes for websites, especially with the launch of Google’s new Accelerated Mobile Pages platform and Facebook’s Instant Articles. Mobile traffic continued to climb, as did mobile advertising – with predictions that by 2019, mobile advertising will represent 72% of all US digital ad spending. With all of the discussion surrounding development updates, search engine algorithm shifts, and the onslaught of mobile... [MORE]

Negative Nellies: How To Handle the Bad Reviews

Nov 28, 2016 | by Lisa Hopkins | Google | SEO
Last week we discussed just how important online reviews are for for digital marketing and brand management.  Like it or not, potential clients depend on ratings and feedback to form opinions about your law firm before even landing on your website or stepping foot in your office. So now that your law firm understands how imperative reviews are, what happens when you receive a bad review? Debbie Downers are Real The first thing to remember about negative reviews: unhappy people are... [MORE]

Seeing Stars: The Importance of Reviews and Ratings

Nov 21, 2016 | by Lisa Hopkins | Google | SEO
This article won the SmallLaw Pick of the Week award. The editors of SmallLaw, a free weekly email newsletter for solo practitioners and those who manage and work in small law firms, give this award to one article every week that they feel is a must-read for this audience. In today’s digital era, everyone’s a critic. Yelp, Facebook, Google, Foursquare… the Internet is rife with locations for both happy and dissatisfied clients to leave their opinions about your business. Good... [MORE]