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Digital Marketing: The Basics in 20 Minutes or Less

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I was honored to Co-Chair the Houston Trial Lawyers Association Law Practice Management CLE this year with my friend Marc Whitehead. We not only chaired the event, picked the topics, and lined up all of the speakers, we also spoke on a panel ourselves. Thank you to now Past President Peter Kelly for selecting us to execute this event, and for resurrecting it after a few years of its absence.

Marc and I are both very interested in and very involved in a variety of marketing groups. We completed our own panel with the longstanding guru of national lawyer television advertising, Adam Pulaski of 1-800-BAD-DRUG. We are very fortunate in Houston to have some of the greatest trial lawyers, greatest legal minds, and foremost industry trendsetters living and working among us. For this reason, our local events are often of the caliber of national events.

Since our panel was slated with one hour of time and there were three of us, I had to condense my usually longer presentations on legal digital marketing into "20 Minutes or Less."

My core basics of legal marketing included discussion of:

  1. State Bar Advertising Rules and Regulations
  2. Law Firm Websites
  3. Social Media for Law Firms
  4. Email Marketing and CRM
  5. Analytics, Metrics, ROI: How Do I Know What’s Working?

Please feel free to click through and/or download my PowerPoint presentation. For more presentations like this, you can visit my SlideShare channel


Sidebar stacey e burke About Stacey Burke

Stacey E. Burke is both an experienced trial lawyer and law firm business consultant. She works with lawyers and law firms around the world to improve their business development, marketing, and infrastructures.

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