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Eight Ideas for Second Quarter Law Firm Marketing

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As we closed the books on 2013, we wrote about how to prepare your law firm for its 2014 marketing. We know that lawyers and business owners are often too busy running their companies and performing their work to focus a significant portion of their time on business development. Our company provides outsourced legal marketing consulting services for law firms without an in-house marketing director and for firms with marketing staff who want an outside opinion or extra help.

If you missed the Q1 boat and are getting a late jump-start on legal marketing for 2014, your firm can implement the eight concepts below during Q2 to get the ball rolling and reengage with your target audience.

Your chance to market for new business in the first quarter is over. Now what?

Audit your existing efforts, both online and offline. Keep a constant, watchful eye on your website and social media metrics to ensure your existing efforts are not getting stale. Take a good, hard look at your paid search advertising, television advertising, and other large marketing expenditures to measure your acquisition cost per lead and acquisition cost per case. Then, take those costs and project the firm’s potential return on investment in fees based on the cases you acquired during the first quarter. If things look bleak, it’s time to change it up.

Book the firm’s lawyers speaking engagements. While some professional associations book their continuing legal education speakers well in advance, many get cancellations or adjust their agendas as they year progresses. Also, feel free to venture outside of the traditional state bar or trial lawyer groups and speak to others about topics that will help them. Your firm can even create and host a firm-branded webinar or seminar. Get out from behind your desks and out into the real world.

Build out your online profiles. Schedule one hour each week, even if it is broken up into a few minutes each day, to update and/or build out any and all online listings for your individual professional identity. For lawyers, directory listings can include Super Lawyers, Avvo, Martindale-Hubbell, HG, and more.

Create an editorial calendar and start blogging. The “gurus” of digital content marketing rarely speak in one cohesive voice, because after all, we each want to be an expert in our own right. Digital content, such as a blog, is the exception to that rule in marketing.  Ask any web marketer to name the five most important things to do to build your brand online, and I promise you that one of the five will be to add quality content on a regular and consistent basis to your digital properties.

Host targeted events. Law firms and legal industry vendors generally miss the mark on planning, executing, and hosting targeted events designed to reach a specific goal. In order to garner a return on the investment of your events, they must be planned appropriately, with strict analytical thought given to location, attendees, and most importantly, how you will convert your guests into clients or customers.

Shoot law firm videos. I am sure that if you follow my blog, by now you know I love content and rate content marketing as an absolutely necessary component of marketing success. There is only so much your audience can read, and so you really do also need to stimulate them visually. Shooting videos of your lawyers and of client testimonials, optimizing, and uploading them strategically to video distribution channels will greatly bolster your law firm’s digital marketing efforts.

Start an email newsletter. Even if you only send e-news out quarterly, strive to do it. Mine your database and the personal and professional contacts of each firm member in order to appropriately target messages to them based on a variety of identifying criteria, including profession, age, gender, and geographic location. Keep your law firm name top-of-mind with those you have had a previous relationship, or else they will forget you if and when they should require legal assistance again.

Stop automating social media and start engaging. If your law firm simply auto-feeds out blog posts and other content onto its social media channels – wake up you are doing it wrong. Scheduling posts is certainly part of a targeted strategy, but simply auto-feeding things out without associating appropriate hashtags, without consideration for timing, or without any real strategy is simply a waste of time. Put down the auto-posting and walk away.  Social media is social. Engage with your audience.

If your law firm wants help from a successful marketing team, contact us

If your lawyers, support staff members, administrator, and/or even your marketing staff are overloaded and unable to focus on driving in the new business that will keep your law firm relevant and viable, contact Stacey E. Burke, P.C. Our expert team can come up with an innovative and customized plan to give your 2014 business development efforts a boost, and get your team on track to hit your financial goals for the year.

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Stacey E. Burke is both an experienced trial lawyer and law firm business consultant. She works with lawyers and law firms around the world to improve their business development, marketing, and infrastructures.

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