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Going Viral: Our Five Most Socially Shared Posts of 2013

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Google Authorship for Lawyers

Back in August, I wrote about a relatively new (then) digital marketing feature, Google Authorship. I surmised that this tool would prove most valuable for (1) spotting authors in search results by their photos showing up next to their posts, (2) showcasing an author’s connectedness in search results (number of circles), and (3) search engine optimization. Google Authorship and Google Author Rank have surpassed all conservative estimates of their value and have now become a mandatory rather than optional component of a successful digital marketing strategy.

Law Firm Content Marketing Strategy and Lawyer Editorial Calendars

One of the most important creations in each marketing strategy is the editorial calendar. This calendar can include simple “blog today” entries twice a week on a lawyer’s calendar or can flesh out an entire content marketing strategy, showing what to write about, which keywords to optimize for, when to post, how to socially share, and more.

Automation 101: Organizing Your Law Firm Email Inbox

Law firm technology and workflow stalwart Haley Odom delved into the black hole of law firm email, providing practical tips for organization and efficient email management.

Quotable: “As discussed in our previous blog post Rethinking Tasks and Calendar Entries, setting up a color-coded category system that applies to every tool in Outlook (email, tasks, and calendar) will help lawyers instantly and efficiently view what events, tasks, and emails require their attention, and in what order.”

E-blasts are Dead. Email Marketing is Not.

In this post, email marketing veteran Mandy Graessle presented her third installment in a four-part series on e-marketing for lawyers.

Quotable: “Before you embark on your literary e-masterpiece, keep in mind that the average e-newsletter reader will only spend about ten seconds reading your e-mail message upon first open. Give your readers easily digestible information that keeps them coming back, clicking, and bookmarking your links to learn more.”

The Return on Investment or ROI of Blogging

Inspired by a Google+ discussion led by Preston Clark, Haley sought to answer a question many lawyers wonder about – does blogging really provide any sort of measurable return on investment?

Quotable: “The mistake many firms make in tracking the effectiveness of a law blog is by equating dollars in the door with number of posts on the blog.  This is a disappointing and ineffective metric. If law firms measure blogging success solely by increased new case intake, no firm would have a law blog.  While over time you can potentially link revenue to your blog, do not start there.  Track a variety of standard blog metrics first.”

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