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March 2014: Our Four Most Popular Blog Posts

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The first quarter of 2014 has kept us all on our toes. We hope that all of our readers have ben busy too. While I have given you advice on marketing tactics your law firm can undertake in the second quarter of this year, in this post, I wanted to share which of our blog posts were getting the most traction this past month.

#1 Most Read Blog Post - Law Firm Document Management Software

Haley’s post from January has topped our Analytics reports for weeks. Personally, I think it is because most law firm employees, from legal secretaries to partners, do not realize that document management and case management are not interchangeable, especially not when it comes to legal technology functionality. How a law firm manages its cases – from task lists to tracking statutes of limitations – can be done well with case management software. When a firm wants all documents associated with a case to be housed within that same database, differences arise.

Today’s technologically sophisticated law firm will want metadata captured within their documents, making it easy to locate relevant items for streamlined knowledge management, and other bells and whistles. Before your law firm makes its next big practice management technology purchase, be sure that you know the right questions to ask, or you will wind up with a solution that does not meet all of your needs.

#2 - Best Free Social Media Tools for Lawyers

Mandy’s recent post skyrocketed into the second most-read position thanks to headline coverage on Texas Bar Today and viral sharing across social media. Everyone loves when something valuable is available for free, and lawyers are no exception. All firms are run on a budget, with marketing expenditures comprising only a portion. If you can manage your law firm’s social media presence with free tools – do it.

#3 - An Oldie but Goodie - Social Media for Lawyers: Facebook 101, Setting Up a Law Firm Facebook Page

My post from way back in October 2013 continues to rank as one of the most visited pages on our entire website every single month, still reaching approximately 120 unique pageviews five months later during March 2014. The good news is that lawyers are present on and trying to use Facebook. The bad news is that Facebook Pages are about to undergo a major overhaul.

With the update of the Facebook news feed this month, we social media geeks eagerly await news of what will happen to our beloved Pages (especially those of us that manage many pages). What will the adjusted design specifications be? Will algorithmic changes occur to Facebook’s EdgeRank, allowing Pages to regain some traction? Watch for a Facebook update from me in the coming weeks!

#4 - You Asked, We Answered - Legal Marketing: Lawyers’ Five Most Common Questions

My post from March, which included an infographic from Copyblogger, must have spoken to the masses. Just 20 days after it’s initial posting, it is the third most read blog on our website. Lawyers most often ask me about SEO, cheap websites, content marketing, social media use, and for my opinion of legal industry vendors and other digital marketing companies that cold call or contact lawyers for business.

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