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Nine Ways to Promote Your Verdicts, Settlements, and Case Results

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Trial lawyers care about more than the monetary results we are able to obtain for our clients. We care about protecting our clients’ civil rights, their pain and hardships, and their needs and desires. The primary reason a potential client hires a lawyer, however, is that counselor’s ability to get results. Since state bar associations don’t provide statistics on lawyers’ success rates, we must take it upon ourselves to promote what we have achieved and accomplished.

Before you start developing a protocol and strategy to promote your best work, consider the following:

  1. State Bar Advertising Rules – Each state has its own set of rules regarding a lawyer’s ability to advertise case results, and the method by which he or she can promote them is heavily governed.
  2. Type of Results – If you are a member of the plaintiffs’ bar, your results are generally measured as verdicts and settlements figures in dollar amounts, which if not confidential, you can promote. If you are on the defense side, or in another focused practice area, your approach and strategy will vary. You will need to tell the story of what you did and why it brought a tremendous benefit to your client.
  3. Your Brand – Promoting oneself can be tricky. Always keep the primary focus of your firm’s brand and its lawyers’ images at the front of your mind when making tactical decisions about case results promotion.

Now that you have studied up on ethics, pulled together a list of your case results, and written summaries for each result that maintain the dignity of your practice and strengthen your firm’s brand, you are ready to dive into actual promotion. Remember, if properly positioned, the case results page of your law firm website will always be one of the most heavily trafficked pages on your website – make it shine.

Promotional Methods for Law Firm Case Results

  1. Press Release – Drafting a media announcement or an online press release can help your law firm get media attention for your recent result. You will need to focus on the newsworthy angle of your case. Why is this groundbreaking? Has new case law come out of this decision? Did you win a difficult appeal?
  2. Video Testimonial – Clients are often the happiest with their lawyers at the peak of their case – the end. Capitalize on the moment wherein all of your hard work is validated in a jury verdict, an appellate decision, or by a judge. Ask your client to sit down with you in your office and give a candid testimonial video about their case and why you were integral to their success.
  3. Photos with Clients – Image-based content performs well online these days, as users seek to digest what pops up in their news feeds more and more quickly. Snap a photograph with your client at the courthouse or in your office. Display the positivity your client is feeling in that moment and your solid relationship with those who hire you all in one photograph.
  4. VerdictSearch – Most lawyers read VerdictSearch.  It is a great way to show those you are going up against how powerful you can be and also to gain referrals for cases you fare well on. If your law firm has a potential case submission for VerdictSearch, you can use the form on their website, or call 347-227-3236 to report a recent civil verdict or settlement. It is noteworthy that all verdicts and settlements reported are eligible for publication in VerdictSearch newsletters and other ALM publications including: National Law Journal, New York Law Journal, Texas Lawyer, Legal Times and The Recorder.
  5. Website Additions – Once you have a great new result to share, be sure to add it to your law firm website biography, lawyer online directory listings, law firm website case results page, and even write a blog post about it, linking to any media coverage.
  6. Social Media – If your law firm has spent time cultivating its social networks, a victory can be shared loudly and broadly across your channels. Use social media to drive traffic to your online press releases, media coverage of your case, a YouTube video of your client testimonial, your blog post, and more.
  7. Monthly Newsletter – Sending a regular monthly e-newsletter (or print, if you like that sort of thing) is a great way to remain top-of-mind with your contacts. Including your recent victories makes for interesting reading and allows you to show your former clients, referral sources, family, friends, and connections what you have been up to in your legal career lately.
  8. Speaker Pitching – If your case sets new precedent or touches on an important, timely issue, pitch yourself as an expert in that practice area to professional associations and get on the speaking circuit!
  9. Pen an Article – Legal industry publications are often looking for authors and articles to fill up their yearly editorial calendar. If you approach them with an abstract and submission in hand, you are more likely to get published sooner. Once published, you will have an external source featuring your case and your name, promoting both.

I come up with a targeted promotional strategy for each firm I work with and each result that firm obtains. What other methods do you use to promote your case results?

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Stacey E. Burke is both an experienced trial lawyer and law firm business consultant. She works with lawyers and law firms around the world to improve their business development, marketing, and infrastructures.

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