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Your Burning Twitter Questions Answered

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Is there a way to delete tweets from other people that tag you or disassociate your twitter account from them?

Simple answer: No. I know the reason I get this question. Firms new to social media and specifically those on Facebook but not on Twitter are fearful of ‘negative publicity.’ Companies delay getting on Twitter because they want to control all public messaging about their brand; however, the harsh reality is that people are talking about you already. Just because you aren’t on Twitter doesn’t mean its users aren’t tweeting negative things about you. If you are not present on a social network, you lose your ability to hear what its users are saying and/or to respond.

My advice: 1) Don’t feed the trolls. Your Twitter followers won’t see negative (or positive!) tweets about your law firm or an individual lawyer unless you post, reply or retweet from your firm account. Twitter is not like Facebook where people can post on your wall. 2) Reply or address the negative publicity when applicable and take the conversation offline by asking the user to follow you so you can Direct Message them or send them your phone number and email address.

Don’t wait for a negative public relations event or crisis to jump on Twitter and start interacting. Just like you “save for a rainy day,” you should build your following, fans, and supporters now so they are already listening, retweeting, replying and spreading your message in the event a crisis arises.

How’d they do this? (check out the links)

vanity url shortners

Link shorteners and vanity URLs are a great way to get more information into 140 characters and reinforce your brand as a voice of authority. is a free service that shortens long URLs. Register for a free account so you can customize the end of your URL (i.e., as well as track the success of your tweet, including how many clicks your link received.

Taking it one step further, Hootsuite allows you to purchase custom link shorteners (i.e. or You can add a custom vanity URL shortener to your Hootsuite Pro account for $49.99/month.

I’m bilingual and so are many of my followers. Is it okay if I tweet in Spanish and English or should I choose and stick to one language?

Yes, you can tweet in more than one language, as long as you make a conscious effort not to alienate either audience. I use Google Translate to translate non-English tweets, but have never had a problem getting replies and retweets when tweeting only in English and targeting or replying to Spanish speakers.

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Do you have a burning Twitter question? I have developed and run successful digital marketing and social media engagement campaigns for non-profits, retail businesses, and law firms.

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