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Your Monthly Law Firm Efficiency Metrics Guide: Post 1

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Law firms are busy places with many moving parts, and it can be hard to get a comprehensive view of everything taking place in the office.  This blog post will be first in a series of three discussing three different monthly reports firms should use to get a good overview of company activity.  The three posts will cover three sets of reports – Marketing Metrics, Database Activity, and Staff Auditing.

Marketing Metrics

Create a report that tracks your firm’s marketing goals.  This report should be an amalgamation of several different smaller reports.

    1. Website activity for the last 60 days.  This should include most viewed pages, number of website form submissions and/or calls, and the top 20 search terms that viewers used to land on the website.  Include Google Analytics data, and if your firm runs paid search advertising, make sure that data encompasses AdWords.  This law firm website health checkup is something that needs to be monitored often so that your online marketing stays optimized. 
    2. Individual Attorney Marketing Goals.  Track monthly the progress of individual attorney marketing goals in order to keep marketing and networking top of mind throughout your law firm.  Having attorneys report on their efforts and the corresponding results will also allow management to step in and provide guidance and mentorship to younger attorneys who may need help.  Create an Excel spreadsheet that tracks metrics, goals, and actual activity.  Potential metrics can include speaking engagements, networking events, lunches, state bar meetings, local bar meetings, etc.
    3. E-Mail Marketing/Monthly E-newsletters.  If your firm sends a monthly newsletter or participates in e-mail marketing, review reports every month as part of the marketing review.  Metrics to review include open rate, click through rate, number of clicks per link included, and forwards.  Segmented mailing lists will also enable you to drilldown further in this analytics report.  For instance, if you send a monthly newsletter to a list of potential referral attorneys, you can compare that e-mail send’s results to intake metrics.  Did any of those potential referral attorneys refer a case to the firm after the newsletter?  While you may not be able to definitively tie the two incidents, it can help bring to light very interesting patterns.

If you need help setting up monthly law firm efficiency reports call me at Stacey E. Burke, P.C.  I can help you create the reports your law firm needs in order to run more efficiently. 

Sidebar stacey e burke About Stacey Burke

Stacey E. Burke is both an experienced trial lawyer and law firm business consultant. She works with lawyers and law firms around the world to improve their business development, marketing, and infrastructures.

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