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Infrastructure Services

Marketing touches on accounting, calendaring, database management, email use, phone use, and more. The increase and/or integration of marketing into an existing law practice will thus affect almost every person that works for you. If you do not properly plan for its effects, marketing can become a threat to your business rather than lead to a boost in profits.

Ms. Burke is passionate about the business side of running a law firm. For years she has helped firms that already run successfully run smoother, more efficiently and optimally, all while reducing costs. She has created intake departments at multiple law firms to support her marketing efforts. Setting the groundwork for success internally before you spend marketing dollars is crucial to ensuring your return on investment.

Additionally, people matter. Your staff represents your business to the world.  While you are out of the office working on cases, your staff speaks with clients, referral attorneys, government officials, courts, and your family and friends. Helping your staff focus on their areas of strength, and continually, meaningfully auditing their performance and workload will help them better serve your business.

A sample listing of our available options under Infrastructure Services includes:

  • Client Communications Management
  • Conflicts Check Mechanism Review
  • Database Audit and Cleanup
  • Form and Document Coding and Automation
  • Law Firm Efficiency Audit
  • Management Report Creation
  • Medical Records Automation
  • Paperless Office Advising
  • Referral Attorney Management
  • Staff Auditing

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