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Print Advertising

Print Marketing Materials

Despite the marketing options available in the digital realm, print marketing materials not only remain relevant for law firms, but in many cases remain crucial branding components included in a comprehensive marketing strategy. While many modern law firms choose to forsake the costly creation of print marketing materials for the cheap allure of online marketing, larger established firms have always known that print is imperative.

Stacey E. Burke, P.C. will work with your law firm to create sleek, polished, professional print marketing materials for attorneys. We have experience handing print creation, including the fine details of paper options, printing techniques, ink colors, layout, and more. Your law firm will benefit from Ms. Burke’s 10-years plus experience creating and modifying print marketing materials.

Print Advertising

In addition to the creation of general law firm brochures and other print marketing materials, Ms. Burke has direct experience with targeted direct mail campaigns and competitive print advertising creation and placement in newspapers, trade publications, magazines, the Yellow Pages, and more.  Print advertising remains an option for some firms to consider as it has become cheaper than ever before, largely due to the demand flowing over more strongly into the digital advertising world.

Repurposing Print Items

In addition to creating new print marketing materials and to creating print advertising strategy, Ms. Burke can help your firm repurpose its print media for additional marketing. Examples can include using reprints of news articles as inserts for a brochure or paper mailing campaign and purchasing digital rights to reproduce the online version of print awards like Super Lawyers on your law firm’s website.

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To get a quote for print advertising and/or print marketing materials for law firms, or to learn more about working on your law firm marketing with Stacey E. Burke, P.C., please contact us at, complete the contact form on our website, or call us at (713) 714-8446.