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What is the Difference Between Law Firm Marketing and Law Firm Business Development?

Successful law firms must employ both marketing and business development to grow their practices, but many firms frequently (and incorrectly) use the terms interchangeably. While both marketing and business development contribute to growing your law firm’s bottom line, each has different and distinct responsibilities. A marketing person can design a website and produce content, but the relationship your client is interested in paying for is not with them – it is with the lawyer... [MORE]

For Lawyers Who Think They’re Too Busy for Business Development

May 27, 2014 | by Stacey Burke | Business Development
In the professional services world, firms often hire in-house staff to handle their marketing and/or business development. While I highly recommend having at least one person serve as the point of contact and responsible party for these items, the lawyers themselves must often perform the actual business development in order for it to be effective. As I wrote in a previous post differentiating between and describing the interplay of law firm marketing and law firm business... [MORE]

Don't Just Develop Your Law Firm Brand, Your Personal Brand Matters Too

Law firms are becoming increasingly aware each year of the importance of both digital marketing and business development. Many are allocating an increasingly diverse budget to a variety of expenditures, largely all of which are designed to raise the profile of the firm itself.  Law firms do not generally promote their lawyers individually or allocate marketing resources for personal branding unless these items contribute to the firm’s overall bottom line. Why is personal branding... [MORE]

Components of Law Firm Business Development Success: Clients

Oct 08, 2014 | by Stacey Burke | Business Development
Business development is all about making the connection between those who potentially or actually have a need and those who can service that need. In the legal world, our services are not only needed by potential clients, but also by other lawyers. It is essential to the growth and success of your law firm that the greater legal industry is aware of your firm, your practice areas, and what makes you different or unique. So many referrals are lost simply because a lawyer does not... [MORE]

Components of Law Firm Business Development Success: Referral Sources

Oct 15, 2014 | by Stacey Burke | Business Development
As discussed in last week’s blog post “Components of Law Firm Business Development Success: Clients,” true biz dev starts with maintaining what you’ve already built. Lawyers and staff alike must make consistent and concerted efforts to maintain the law firm’s referral sources as well as its clients.  Finding new referral sources is something that can be rather easily integrated into the lives of most extroverted people – just start talking to strangers, the nice ones. If you meet... [MORE]

Speaking Opportunities for Lawyers in 2015

Speaking is one of the best ways to build a lawyer’s reputation and connect with people who may need your help. Speaking consistently at least once per month increases your credibility and visibility in both your local community and your expanded professional community. However, as many business developmentally challenged lawyers already know, pitching yourself does not come naturally to all of us. Speaking in front of a target audience, whether potential customers or other... [MORE]

Automating Your Business Development

Jul 02, 2015 | by Stacey Burke | Business Development | CRM
Last month I was honored to speak at the State Bar of Texas Annual Meeting. I was excited to cover a new topic that is less commonly spoken about at law firm industry events. While I have spoken on CRM and the Law Firm, this customer relationship management talk was focused solely on how to use software to help automate your law firm's business development. [MORE]

Measuring Law Firm Business Development Success and Return on Investment

Sep 08, 2015 | by Stacey Burke | Business Development | Intake
Business development is a law firm’s real world source of new business opportunities. Lawyers engaging in business development utilize the tools created by and for marketing in their efforts. Cultivating and maintaining relationships with existing and established clients and referral sources must comprise a portion of your business development time and resources. Additionally, finding new opportunities keeps your business competitive with your practice area peers. Getting too... [MORE]

Why Your Law Firm Should Throw An Event

Despite the proliferation of digital communication tools, in-person events remain a crucial component of law firm business development best practices. In 2015 alone, companies poured $572 billion into experiential marketing or engagement marketing initiatives – this type of marketing directly engages consumers and gets them to participate hands-on with a brand (e.g. SWSW, sporting events, and large product launches). Live events have even been called a “critical component” of every... [MORE]

Common Branding Mistakes Your Law Firm Might Be Making:

Most attorneys know it’s important to have a law firm brand but usually underestimate just how much work goes into building a great one. Law firm branding needs to be well thought out, well researched, and well planned.  There’s more to branding than just throwing a logo on all of the content you create and share on the web. In order to build a great brand, be sure to avoid the common pitfalls in law firm branding mentioned below. 1. No Focus Overloading prospective clients with... [MORE]

What to Look For When Submitting an Article For Publication

Many lawyers work to broaden their public exposure and community outreach by participating in CLEs, speaking on panels, and participating in other events. Lawyers can also obtain industry recognition by submitting articles for publication. While this may seem like a simple task, there a process should be followed—regardless of the publication—to ensure nothing is missed along the way. Read and Reread Publication Requirements It can be tempting to begin writing immediately when you... [MORE]

Demonstrating Your Value To Your Law Firm

As more potential job candidates flood the workforce, law firms have ample opportunity to hire more economical employees… potentially replacing higher paid existing employees. In order to maintain a semblance of job security, you have to work that much harder to both understand what “value” your law firm needs from you and how you can demonstrate you are fulfilling their needs and more. Employees who know how to promote themselves and their contributions in the right way generally... [MORE]