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Responsive Design for Law Firm Websites

What is Responsive Design and What About Mobile Design? For years, the most common mobile web design practice has been to develop a unique mobile version of a website on a sub-domain. For example, if a law firm’s primary website is, the mobile version will live at Visitors on mobile devices are automatically redirected to the “m.” sub-domain website instead of the primary website. While this approach works, it does not work as well as a newer... [MORE]

Web Vendor Holding Your Law Firm Website Hostage? Why Open Source CMS Rocks.

What does open source mean? Open source means that the software source code is available publicly to programmers and users, so that it can be continually studied, improved upon, used, and distributed. Open source software is often developed collaboratively online, drawing on the collective wisdom of programmers and developers around the world. That collaboration does not just occur once; open source software is constantly tinkered with and upgraded by the best developers in the... [MORE]

Reading Your Google Analytics – the Basics

Google Analytics is a powerful website and social media analytical tool for your law firm.  Even if your law firm’s website is currently connected to another analytics system, adding Google Analytics is a must.  This post will be the first in a series covering the most basic metrics captured in Google Analytics.  Bounce Rate Bounce rate is the percentage of visitors who leave your site after only viewing one page.  The greater the number of web visitors viewing your site and... [MORE]

Google Analytics: Reviewing Behavior Flows

The Behavior Flow report is a powerful tool in Google Analytics that determines which law firm website pages retain visitors.  In this post, I will discuss three benefits of using Google Analytics behavior flow analysis as part of a weekly website review process. Landing Pages Once logged into your law firm website Google Analytics account, select “Behavior Flow” under the “Behavior” heading in the left navigation panel. The behavior flow view will show you a flowchart... [MORE]

Top Level Domains – TLD's and the Future of Legal Marketing

As an experienced digital marketer, I am closely watching the development of new top-level domains. I was hesitant to write about top-level domains for this blog because I thought the content would either be too technical or not of interest to the majority of our readers. In reading a few back issues of the American Marketing Association’s Marketing News, I noticed they covered the topic in their December 2013 issue, so I decided to go with it! What is a Top Level Domain or... [MORE]

Backlinks, Law Firm Websites, and Search Engine Optimization

Recently, Google’s Matt Cutts published a new video for avid search engine fanatics, this time concerning backlinks and how their value may or may not have changed due to Google’s more recent algorithm updates. Cutts, Google’s head of webspam reaffirmed the importance of backlinks. According to Cutts, Google’s testing of its own search algorithm in a variation that excludes backlink relevancy resulted in “much worse” search quality for the user. “It turns out backlinks, even though... [MORE]

Legal Industry Standards for Website Activity

Most law firms have websites, and most track their website analytics.  If you do not, stop reading right now, and have the person in charge of your website immediately add Google Analytics. It is hard to measure the effectiveness of your law firm website without set benchmarks to compare it against in your industry. So, what are the legal industry standards for good website activity?  Bounce Rates Bounce rate is the percentage of visitors who leave your site after only viewing... [MORE]

Top 10 Lawyer Marketing Mistakes

I spoke in Chicago at the first ever AAJ Marketing Seminar: How to Promote and Manage Your Practice. I was asked to speak about the top marketing mistakes I see law firms make. While I could have spoken for hours, I chose to limit myself to 10 issues, addressing several in depth in my hour-long presentation. What Am I Doing Wrong? 10 Biggest Marketing Mistakes: Focusing on one component instead of creating a comprehensive strategy Failure to monitor social media Poorly... [MORE]

Digital Marketing: The Basics in 20 Minutes or Less

I was honored to Co-Chair the Houston Trial Lawyers Association Law Practice Management CLE this year with my friend Marc Whitehead. We not only chaired the event, picked the topics, and lined up all of the speakers, we also spoke on a panel ourselves. Thank you to now Past President Peter Kelly for selecting us to execute this event, and for resurrecting it after a few years of its absence. Marc and I are both very interested in and very involved in a variety of marketing groups.... [MORE]

Speak Designer

Pagemodo, when posting the awesome and information infographic below, stated, "like any relationship you cultivate, it’s important that both parties are speaking the same language from the start. In order to help you brush up on your design language, we sat down with professional designers and found out the terms they use most often with clients, and those that tend to trip the average person up a bit." Pay attention lawyers so that you can speak more intelligently with your web folks! [MORE]

How to Measure the Success of Your Law Firm Blog

Most lawyers know by now that adding quality content on a regular basis to their law firm website is a crucial part of a successful digital marketing strategy. But, even if law firms are adding content to their websites, most do not monitor any metrics of blogging effectiveness. Legal Content Can Be Kind of Dull Creating interesting or compelling law firm website content must be done on a continuous basis, and you should always improve upon it. How many times can one write about... [MORE]

The Importance Of Visual Content Continues To Grow

Your law firm’s brand identity extends far beyond the logo these days. To be relatable, lawyers must show they exist outside of mysterious concrete buildings downtown. Using visual content is one of the best ways to show the personality of your law firm and its lawyers. Effective visual content is one of the keys to success in not only digital marketing, but in all forms of marketing. Visual content truly engages audiences – which leads to more traffic and higher conversion rates.... [MORE]

Nine Tips To Write A Great Lawyer Website Biography

Lawyer website profiles are so much more important than most law firms realize. Bio pages play a crucial role in SEO while revealing what the firm thinks is important. They are the primary individual branding locations for the firm’s most valuable assets – its lawyers. Each lawyer’s profile is one piece of a whole – the bio pages should be written in the firm’s voice and in its consistent brand messaging. It is common for law firms to throw bios together haphazardly when a new... [MORE]

Six Things Law Firms Can Do To Rock Local SEO

Local SEO is what it sounds like – optimizing a website for searches related to the geographic location in which you practice law.  Almost all people searching for local services do so online these days. And, if someone is searching for a local lawyer, you don’t even have a chance to compete for their business if you do not optimize your website for local search. Building up your law firm’s local SEO is one of the few digital undertakings you can work on that will be truly... [MORE]

Contact Forms: How To Make Them Work For Your Firm

When it comes to potential new clients, lawyers can’t get enough information. They want to know every detail about the client from the first introduction, and generally want to know if the client is a viable lead before ever interacting via phone or email. This can lead to one of the questions I’m most frequently asked when designing websites: can we capture more information from our contact forms than just name, phone, and email? Generally the answer we give is no, and here’s... [MORE]

Home Is Just A Click Away

When working with clients on a new website design, one question seems to pop up time and again: should the design incorporate a “home” button or link? Should we list the word “Home” in the main navigation menu, or will our logo suffice as a navigational tool for returning to the home page? The answer isn’t straightforward, unfortunately, and there are pros and cons to both options. The Benefits of a Home Link In the early 2000s, the Internet was still a relatively new and novel... [MORE]

How To Choose A Law Firm Website Hosting Provider

When launching a new website, deciding on a hosting provider can be a complicated sea to navigate. Hosting providers are a dime a dozen, and determining which option is best for your firm can be tricky. There are a variety of factors to account for, some more technical than others. We break down the main factors to consider and discuss which questions to ask a potential provider. What is Website Hosting? First, let’s break down the two main elements of a website: domain name and... [MORE]

Website Key Performance Indicators Your Law Firm Should Be Tracking

Data, data, data. While a law firm might have the prettiest website of its competitors, those good looks are all for nothing if you don’t keep track of your website’s key performance indicators. The ability to understand user behavior on your website and to adapt the website to best serve them will get the most value out of that gorgeous website. Law Firm Website KPIs You Should Be Tracking: Session duration – Knowing how long visitors spend on your website is extremely... [MORE]

Is Your Law Firm Website Mobile-Friendly?

A mobile-friendly website is no longer an extravagance or supplemental option for law firms these days. A website that is compatible with smart phones is an absolute necessity if you want to keep generating business and attention from new clients. Today, more than 200 million adults in the United States own a smart phone and are accessing the Internet via phone more often than desktop computers. If your law firm’s website is not yet mobile-friendly, we illustrate below why you... [MORE]

4 Simple Ways To Drive New Clients To Your Website

Often times one of the highest requests we get as marketing managers is “How do I drive more traffic to my website?” We know that for business owners, an important goal is to always drive new clients to your website. While we can easily list about 50 ways to do this, we’ll start with four for now. Below is a short list of simple ways you can drive traffic to your site. 1. Create Valuable Content I’m sure you’ve heard this one before. The content you provide is key to attracting... [MORE]

A New Year in Website Design: Trends for 2017

Last year was a big year in terms of development updates and changes for websites, especially with the launch of Google’s new Accelerated Mobile Pages platform and Facebook’s Instant Articles. Mobile traffic continued to climb, as did mobile advertising – with predictions that by 2019, mobile advertising will represent 72% of all US digital ad spending. With all of the discussion surrounding development updates, search engine algorithm shifts, and the onslaught of mobile... [MORE]

Is Your Website Secure? It Should Be.

Over 40% of the word’s population uses the Internet, equating to 3.26 billion users. Four million Google searches are conducted worldwide each minute of everyday. And in a recent study, one-fifth of all Americans reported being on the Internet “almost constantly.” There is no question about it: we now consume more information, purchase more products, and research more companies online than every before. But what secures information provided online, and should you implement security... [MORE]

Search Engine Optimization Requires A Long-Term Commitment

When most law firms start spending money on search engine optimization (SEO), they both hope and expect to see results quickly. While implementing an SEO strategy does lead to immediate changes - like fresh content and better site structure organization - ever the over-achievers, lawyers generally want to see page one, result one organic search results on all major search engines as soon as possible. The bottom line is that you will start seeing results in six months, meaning... [MORE]

How To Turn Your Law Firm Website Into A User Converting Machine

Jun 20, 2017 | by Emma Hanes | Law Firm Website Design
A website is the most valuable piece of digital real estate a law firm can own. A website serves as a digital storefront or office that greets potential clients. However, just getting users to walk up to the window or even through the digital door is only half of the battle. Law firm websites need to be properly designed and contain optimized content in order to entice users to contact your law firm. If you are receiving very few leads from your website, you’re going to need to make... [MORE]

5 Tips For Perfecting Your Law Firm’s Social Media Designs

It’s no secret that imagery is a major component of social media marketing today. As marketing professionals, we cannot stress enough the importance of featuring visual content on your social platforms. This goes beyond sharing the occasional photo or graphic on your feed. Today we are specifically highlighting the value of clean, professional social media designs. Believe it or not, the cover photos and avatar images from your law firm’s social accounts are sometimes the first... [MORE]

Out With The Old and In With The New: Website Trends That Need to End and Five New Trends for 2018

Website design trends come and go as technology evolves over the years. Some trends have a natural death as better options become available, such as Adobe Flash. Some seem like a good idea because they are easy, like widgets. And some are complete mysteries, like the rise in hamburger menus for desktop website design. All three of these trends need to end with 2017, and here’s why: Adobe Flash  Adobe Flash is software that was widely used by website designers and developers at the... [MORE]

What to Avoid When Your Law Firm Undergoes Website Translation

The blog post below is written by Morningside Translations: Websites are usually the first destination customers visit when they’re interested in a company. In the same vein, for professional industries like law, clients will often gauge a law firm’s credibility and reputation through their website. First impressions are important, especially when we’re talking about an industry like law. The last thing you need is for your website to tarnish the reputation you’ve built through... [MORE]

Did You Notice Your Live Chat Change This Past Month?

Feb 20, 2018 | by Emma Hanes | Law Firm Website Design | SEO | Intake
Live chat is a very popular conversion tactic used by law firms. A small popup box generates after a user visits a website, offering visitors the option to live chat. Live chat is incredibly helpful for law firms, and the intake questions the chat service will ask can be specified beforehand so law firms receive the exact information they want from website visitors using the live chat functionality. However, you may have noticed a change to your website’s live chat last month and... [MORE]

5 Common Misconceptions about Marketing for Law Firms

Contrary to popular belief, not all marketing is created equal. You wouldn’t market for a restaurant the same way you would for a retailer, and the same goes for marketing your law firm. While there are misconceptions when it comes to marketing, there are many more when it comes to the ethics and methods surrounding law firm marketing. Most law firms need and desire to offer their best services to their potential clientele, which begs the question of how law firms can then separate... [MORE]

Three Mistakes to Avoid on Your Law Firm's Website

A law firm’s website is its most important digital asset, and now more than ever serves as the initial point of contact for many potential new clients and referral sources. With the ever-evolving landscape of digital trends, search engine algorithm changes, and mobile vs. desktop metrics, ensuring your website stays up-to-date can be a time-consuming process. Below are three of the most common website mistakes, which are often overlooked but essential to digital marketing... [MORE]