So You Want to Start an E-Newsletter for Your Law Firm

Email marketing strikes many as outdated. More chic platforms like social media and mobile marketing are stealing the limelight, but email marketing is still one of the best investments a law firm can make in their marketing plan. An e-newsletter can spur viral content sharing and position you as a thought-leader, attracting new clients and referral attorneys. However, a bad email newsletter can be an annoyance to your clients and contacts, and even worse, create a negative image among prospective clients and cause email providers to rate you as spam.


Wikipedia for Lawyers and Law Firms

Wikipedia was launched 12 years ago and has become the sixth most popular website in the world. This collaborative online encyclopedia can enhance your firm’s brand and online presence, but it’s not just about advertising or self-promotion. Perhaps you thought a Wikipedia page was only for the really famous folks like Kim Kardashian? Not so! These days, many law firms are staking out their Wikipedia presence. Why? Wikipedia is one of the largest reference websites with 470 million unique visitors per month


Simple Law Firm Procedures to Increase Workflow: Naming Conventions

Lawyers and staff are often frustrated by workflow bottlenecks inside their law firms, and they often reach for an expensive solution such as an entirely new calendaring system, document management system, or equipment upgrade. Nine times out of ten, implementing a simple office-wide procedure can eliminate bottlenecks and help workflow recuperate. Today, we’ll discuss the value of implementing naming conventions.


Social Media for Lawyers: How and When to Share on Facebook

A company can use a variety of Facebook post types to achieve interaction and to reach out to new followers. Some common post types to drum up engagement are conversation starters formed as questions or fill in the blanks and photos or other graphic image content. Posing questions on Facebook increases engagement by 10-20% on average, and including a photo in your post can increase engagement by up to 37%.


Quick Technology Upgrades for Small Law Firms

Small law firms can often be caught between a rock and a hard place when it comes to technology. Technology issues common to small firms can include both software and hardware. For example, the firm may not be large enough to warrant a brand new, expensive document management or case management software solution, but the old filing system on a shared drive just isn’t cutting it anymore.