4 Simple Ways To Drive New Clients To Your Website

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Often times one of the highest requests we get as marketing managers is “How do I drive more traffic to my website?” We know that for business owners, an important goal is to always drive new clients to your website. While we can easily list about 50 ways to do this, we’ll start with four for now. Below is a short list of simple ways you can drive traffic to your site.


I’m sure you’ve heard this one before. The content you provide is key to attracting the clients you want. Potential clients will click a link you share to your website if your content is worthy enough and if you give them a reason to. Think about the information you know your clients will want to know. Use captivating headlines and provide specific call to actions such as “subscribe to our newsletter” or include “find additional details on our website” on your social media posts.

You also want to be sure to share a variety of content. Don’t stick to one medium, like lengthy blog posts, for example. Mix up the length of your blog posts, create videos for YouTube, share video content, try podcasting, post images, and infographics to appeal to wider audiences and their interests. Once you’ve shared a variety of content, use Google Analytics to explore what content has been successful among your audience, what has generated engagement, and what content needs to be changed.

Do you think you already have great content on your website? Be sure to optimize old content and update it regularly. If you want to rank well, remember that Google prefers updated, new content over the old stuff.


Sure, producing great content is important, but making sure people see it is essential. Be proactive and use social media channels such as Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and Google + to promote your valuable content. You might find your firm gets considerable traction when you share videos on Facebook, post short links to your landing pages on Twitter, or promote your services and law firm photos on Google My Business.

You should also consider guest posting on other websites with similar target audiences, participating in online forums or online groups. Being featured on other websites as an expert or industry thought leader will help expose your law firm, build your reputation and drive a much wider, completely different audience to your website. Creating partnerships and inviting others to guest blog on your site is also a smart move.


Online ads, particularly social ads, are some of the easiest ways to generate hundreds, sometimes thousands of clicks to your website. With several platforms available and relatively inexpensive campaign options, social advertising can help to reach your ideal audience. Many platforms allow you to target by demographics, behaviors, interests, and more.


You want to give people as many opportunities to visit your website as possible and most importantly, make sure it’s easy for them to find you. Include your website link in your email signature, business cards, and newsletters.

Speak at conferences when given the opportunity. This is a great way to get in front of a target audience and acquire more attention for your firm. Include your twitter handle at the bottom of your presentation slides. Encourage attendees to find you on Twitter, or add you on LinkedIn. Make sure all of your personal social media accounts link back to your law firm’s site.

There are hundreds of other simple ways to drive new traffic to your website, but the examples above are a great way to start. For more information or for help in growing your audience, and generating traffic, feel free to contact us at Stacey E. Burke P.C.

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