5 Easy Tips For Mastering Evergreen Content For Your Law Firm


Content marketing should play a major role in your law firm’s strategic communications plan. In traditional marketing, companies communicate one-way – by overly promoting themselves and what they’re selling to potential customers regardless of consumer interest. In contrast, content marketing is designed to educate potential consumers, empowering them to make informed purchasing decision, including reaching out to a law firm. However, this doesn’t mean there is no place for talking about your law firm in your content marketing strategy. Law firms can use “evergreen” content to subtly promote their brand while staying consistent with content marketing best practices.


Evergreen content covers a particular topic with no fixed maturity date.  The topics covered should be timeless and the messages remain current regardless of the date of digital publication. The idea is users can come back to the content again and again as a reference and reliable source for information.


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1. Ask Yourself “What Do I Want To Be Known For?” 

This is the smartest place to start when you are beginning to build out evergreen content for your law firm website. What information are you an expert in? Think about problems your clients actually face and go from there. The trick is to not be too broad, such as “Best Personal Injury Lawyer.” Narrow your expertise to a more specific, effective subject that gets the point across about what you do, such as “Immediate Steps To Take After You’ve Been In An Auto Accident.”

2. Go For Timeless

Sure, there is a time and place for your law firm to share relevant breaking news, but that is a much more temporary form of information, the exact opposite of evergreen content. The content foundation of your law firm website should be perpetual and long lasting – you can interlink more time-sensitive posts to that solid base. Here’s a great formula we’ve seen shared that spells out the fundamentals of evergreen content:

Quality + Timelessness = Evergreen

You want your content to remain relevant and keep its importance over time. Following this formula should help generate traffic, improve SEO, and help establish the attorneys at your firm as experts in the particular area you’re writing about.

3. Share Socially

No surprise here. Your job is not done once the content is written. Evergreen content can easily flourish on social media if you do the work to share it. Social media can be one of the most effective ways to drive traffic to specific pieces of content on your website. The more enduring your content is, the more it will be continually shared. Start by thinking about your target audience on social networks. Cater what you write to the types of questions they would have or problems they are likely to face, and post corresponding evergreen content.

4. Repurpose Your Content

There is no reason to create a completely new piece of evergreen content every day. Take a step back and review some of your most-read blogs and evergreen content social media posts with the most engagement. Take those written pieces and turn them into a new form of information, such as an infographic, or video content. The act of refreshing and reusing content that has performed well is exactly what evergreen content is all about – continuous attention and long-term engagement.

5. Play With Medium

Yes, the foundation of evergreen content is essential – but, it has many forms and doesn’t have to just be a written article. We are talking about more here than just repurposing a blog into a graphic, as we mentioned above. Devise completely new and refreshing ways to deliver information. Some of the best performing evergreen content pieces that receive notable and constant traffic are an FAQ page, “how to” guides, testimonials from previous clients, or even a resources page for clients to reference.

Content marketing is all about revealing the types of services you can provide future clients. When you add evergreen content into the mix, you create long lasting information to hold the pieces of your content marketing strategy together. The longer the shelf life, the longer you come off as an expert in the practice area or topic. For help in developing evergreen content for your law firm, contact us at Stacey E. Burke P.C.

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