Blog Post Checklist: Steps To Ensure Law Firm Blogs Reach Their Audience


You’ve taken the time to write a blog that you know people will find helpful and informative. Now the question you might be asking yourself is, “How do I make sure people actually see this?” It is especially important to stand out now with the deluge of content being dispersed amidst COVID-19 and the influx of users on the web. Believe it or not, blog promotion goes way beyond hitting the publish button and sharing a link on social media. Unless you have millions of followers chomping at the bit to read every article you publish, you’re going to need to put in more effort to make an impact and get your blog the attention it deserves. If you want your law firm blog content to reach its maximum potential, follow our checklist below for optimal results.

1. Consider timing

Before you hit publish, consider what time of day is best for your blog to go live. According to The Science of Social Timing by Kissmetrics, a higher percentage of users read blogs in the mornings rather than later in the day. Take a look at your blog analytics to learn when people usually view your blog posts. Take note of when subscribers open email marketing pieces you send out, and what time of day your audiences are active on your social networks. Frame the time in which you publish and share your blog with these factors in mind.

2. Incorporate buttons

If you want more eyes on your blog posts, you’ll need to increase shareability. A simple and effective way to do this is to incorporate social sharing buttons at the beginning and/or end of each blog post and even within the blog itself.

Social media buttons

You have likely seen social media icons at the top of blog or news pages before. These buttons make it incredibly simple for users to share your content, which will not only increase your reach but also your following. Data shows the inclusion of social share buttons on a website can lead to seven times more social mentions. Of course, the content matters just as much as having the buttons in place. Make sure your blog includes plenty of shareable quotes and informative pieces that readers will want to share.

Email subscribe button

Along with social media, your law firm should use email marketing to further distribute your blog. Be sure to include a highly visible option on your website where visitors can subscribe to your law firm’s email list. Include your law firm’s blogs in your email marketing communications to increase exposure and to make it easy for subscribers to read it.

3. Feature images

Including visibly appealing imagery within your blogs is one of the simplest ways to grab attention and increase shareability. In fact, articles with images get 94% more total views than those without. Optimize your images by making sure they are high quality and properly sized.

4.    Include a call to action

Don’t miss the opportunity to encourage readers to reach out to your law firm or even to browse more of your content. Include a call-to-action at the end of your blog post such as “contact us today” for a consultation or “read more about this here” linking to another blog topic or webpage that highlights your expertise on the subject.

5.    Repurpose

Once you have published and shared your blog on all respective outlets, don’t let the blog post get buried away in a list of archived posts. Repurpose the post by turning it into an infographic, a podcast topic, or a short slideshow or video that hits the blog’s highlights.

Law Firm Blog Help

Following this checklist will help your law firm attract the clients you are looking for in a way that works. Of course, writing and promoting blogs can be time-intensive, especially because it is important to post new content consistently if you want it to be seen. If your law firm needs support with blogging, contact the experts at Stacey E. Burke P.C. today to find out how we can help.

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