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Common Branding Mistakes Your Law Firm Might Be Making:

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Most attorneys know it’s important to have a law firm brand but usually underestimate just how much work goes into building a great one. Law firm branding needs to be well thought out, well researched, and well planned.  There’s more to branding than just throwing a logo on all of the content you create and share on the web. In order to build a great brand, be sure to avoid the common pitfalls in law firm branding mentioned below.

1. No Focus

Overloading prospective clients with excessive design elements in your logo, too long of a domain name, or even too much copy on your website becomes difficult to read and especially tough to remember.

Your branding should represent your practice. You want the visual assets of your practice to come off as organized, clear, and concise.  This is the first impression a potential client or adversary will have of your law firm. Strong brands with a firm and clear identity will foster familiarity and trust among audiences.

2.  Inconsistency

Along with focus, the key behind branding is consistency across all channels where your firm is represented. The imagery on your website, social media platforms, business cards, and digital and print advertisements all needs to be uniform.  Being recognizable across all media will not only help to create increased awareness of the firm but will also build loyalty among clients and others you work with.

3.  Failing to recognize your target audience 

Your branding should be centralized around your target audience. How do you want them to perceive your law firm?  Here is a useful tip on how to understand your audience – imagine your target audience is a single person, and your brand is a single person. What type of person does your target audience respect and identify with? Incorporate the answer to that question into your branding efforts.

4. Overlooking the competition

Researching the competition is step one in the process of branding. You will see examples of what you should be doing, what you should avoid doing, and above all, how to stand out from similar law firms.  The entire purpose of branding is to set your business apart from the rest.

5. Straying from messaging that’s in line with your firm brand

One of the greatest tips I can offer is to not stray too far from messaging that directly correlates with your firm’s areas of expertise and/or the graphic design components you have created through your branding efforts. You want to be recognizable to your audience after all of the hard work put in to build a lasting brand. The goal here is to be top of mind when potential clients are looking to hire a lawyer. Your content should represent your brand, just as your brand should represent your firm.

Not knowing what exactly works and what doesn’t in the branding world can make the task especially daunting. Producing a presence that is design friendly, easy to recognize, and represents your firm as a whole is a lengthy but valuable process. If your law firm doesn’t have the time to develop a world-class brand and presence, contact the legal branding experts at Stacey E. Burke P.C. to help. 

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Amanda Taylor is an experienced social media guru who has worked with dozens of law firms on building their brand voice on various social media channels. Amanda's marketing blogs are frequently featured in the Texas Bar Today's Top Ten Blog Posts.

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