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There has been a recent shift in the online world to involve a very important component that many businesses are failing to include in their marketing strategies. Over the past few years, we’ve seen drastic changes in technology and user behaviors across online platforms, and they all point to one thing: video content.

According to Cisco, video will account for 69% of all consumer internet traffic in 2017. It is projected that by 2019, global internet traffic from videos will make up 80% of all internet traffic. What exactly does this mean for your law firm? It means it’s time to take action in revamping your marketing efforts to add more video content.

How Attorneys are using video:

As a Personal Touch

When marketing your law firm, video content can deliver favorable results. Whether it’s a clip featured on your website or a full video on your YouTube channel, video serves as an incredible opportunity to highlight each lawyer at the firm. This also gives your firm the chance to differentiate your attorneys from others in the area, which is easily one of the greatest challenges when it comes to law firm marketing. Ninety percent of users say product videos are helpful in the decision process. With video you can spotlight each attorney in action, reveal more of their personalities, and showcase their persuasive abilities with a more connected, emotional impact. Videos could help a client decide to hire you above competitors.


If you’ve dabbled in social media lately chances are video content has flooded your social feed. Whether it’s live video like Periscope or Facebook live, or recorded content such as testimonials, video is what is engaging and entertaining audiences on social platforms. Gone are the days when people sit and read through every word you post. People are consuming their information in much quicker, simpler, and more entertaining ways.

Releasing your videos into the social media world is the best way to reach expanded audiences and realize your video’s full potential. Not only will you reach the attention of a huge audience, but distribution is 100% free when posting to social media.


Complex cases and information can easily be broken down in video content. The ideal video length is between one and a half to three minutes, so your attorneys will be forced to explain things in a concise and simple manner. Take information from an existing landing page and try creating a video with the same information. Include this video on your landing page and share on social media. This technique could be incredibly effective for your firm, as including video on a landing page can increase conversion by 80%.

Easy Ways Your Law Firm Can Feature Video:

“About Us” Page

Add the personal touch we mentioned earlier in this post by featuring video snippets of each lawyer on the “About Us” page of your website. If you have a larger firm, think about shooting a law firm video to include everyone. Clients are likely to feel more personally connected to someone they have seen, rather than simply reading about them on your website. Again, this serves as a great way to showcase the persuasive abilities and personalities of each of your attorneys as well.


With the rise in video across the digital sphere, obtaining video testimonials from your clients is a great way to showcase your law firm in a fresh manner. Just as positive ratings on Yelp or Google weigh heavily on consumer decisions, testimonials can easily draw new clients in. Having clients speak on camera about their experience with your law firm not only provides much of the same value as a written review, it takes the concept a step further by removing the “anonymous” nature of online reviews. By showcasing a real live person extolling the virtues of your law firm, you can transform a happy client and glowing review into powerful social proof of your success.

When filming client testimonials, it’s important that they look polished and professional—not shot on your iPhone. For this we recommend taking the time to hire a videographer. You’ll also want to ensure that the subject who is to appear on camera, has a good speaking presence and isn’t necessarily shy. Keep in mind the best interview candidate may not always be the client with the best or biggest result; just because you were able to secure a highly successful case resolution for a client doesn’t mean he or she will present well on camera.

Instead, think through your recent successful cases and make a list of clients who were very pleased with their results, expressed their happiness with the firm, and have a great presence – meaning they are well spoken, generally not shy, and have a story to tell.

Behind The Scenes Footage

One of the more simple but effective ways to share video content is using social media to share live, behind the scenes footage. Have someone at the office use Facebook Live or Periscope to show your attorneys hard at work. Live video is also great for showcasing an event your firm is hosting or community work your attorneys participate in.

Integrating video content into your marketing strategy will keep your law firm relevant in the world of online marketing. Video is a powerful medium that can yield powerful results. Yes, you can easily shoot your own videos but you want to keep quality and content in mind. If your videos are unprofessional and disordered, clients will think the same of your law firm. For help in bringing your attorneys to life online, and integrating more video content into your marketing efforts, contact the professionals at Stacey E Burke, P.C.

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