Finding Your Law Firm’s Social Media Voice

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Every law firm has a unique identity and brand. Knowing how to properly convey this identity to your various audiences can make or break your business. These days, clients want authenticity from the businesses they work with, especially when it comes to law firms. In order to connect with your audiences (including future clients), your law firm must communicate in a clear and consistent voice across every marketing and advertising outlet.


Just as a company must use a consistent logo design and branding elements for its marketing materials, aptly communicating your law firm’s voice across your social media channels depends heavily on how well your voice is developed. It’s smart to sit down with your team and strategize what voice is the best fit for your brand.

Consider the firm’s values, beliefs, and strengths and go from there. For inspiration in getting started, use this four-part persona formula. Ask yourselves how you can ensure your audience will immediately recognize your posts in their feed. Are you funny, serious, creative, family-oriented, tough, go-getters, and/or community leaders? Think about what distinguishes you and your lawyers from other law firms.


Once your voice strategy is in place, it’s important to make sure the entire law firm is taught how to speak in the designated company voice. Will multiple people be posting to your social media channels? Will different employees work on different platforms? Whether your social media marketing manager is in house or outsourced, he or she needs to be aware of how your law firm should come across on all of your digital assets. Your social media voice needs to be carried through not only on your print materials, but also any publicity your law firm gets, including press releases, blogs, speaking engagements, and more. Your future clients want to know what to expect when they hire you. We’ve all heard the phrase “A consistent brand is a reliable brand.”


As we mentioned before, every social media update, photo, and/or post shared showcases your brand. As your following grows, you will experience increased engagement with your channels; after all, 43% of social media users only interact with brands to get a direct response to questions or issues, according to an Oracle consumer report. With that in mind, you’ll want to maintain the consistency of your voice with every response or answer given.


As time progresses and your law firm evolves, it might make sense to adjust your firm’s voice. Just as a marketing strategy is not applied indefinitely, a firm’s voice is meant to grow with the business. Take a look at what was working in your messaging in the past; what new competitors are doing with their social media voice and content, and re-evaluate what areas to improve upon.

Social media is an ever-changing venture when it comes to marketing your law firm. While change can be hard, it’s crucial to go with the flow of communication developments and trends. Keep an eye on what your audience responds to the most, and brainstorm how to address issues that came up in previous messaging efforts.


If you need help in finding and expressing your law firm’s voice on social media, contact the digital marketing experts at Stacey E. Burke P.C. today. We have managed hundreds of law firm social media channels and advertising campaigns, and we are ready to help you too.

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