How To Stay Consistent With Your Law Firm’s Content


As more and more content regularly floods the digital world, it can be easy for your words to get lost in the shuffle. How can you make sure the content you painstakingly craft for your law firm will stand out or be seen? A major contributing factor to the success of your content is consistency. It sounds simple enough but there is a lot more to it. Being strategic with the type of content your law firm shares and the frequency with which it’s shared can make all the difference.

Adding content consistently doesn’t just mean slapping up a post on your social media platforms. We are talking about everything your law firm creates and distributes online. Whether it’s a blog post, a new webpage, a video, or a social media graphic, the style and the timing of these posts matters more than you realize. In order to reach your full potential across all types of law firm content, follow our tips below.

Establish a specific content output goal.

Law firms should create a content calendar identifying each platform on which they plan to post (blog, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, etc.) and when you plan to post on each. Whether you are posting one blog per week, two videos per month, one news piece every other day, or all of the above, it is important to create clear expectations for your team, execute the timeline you come up with, and stick to this formula every month. This way, your audience will know exactly what to expect and when to expect it.

Set aside the time to be creative.

Creating captivating new content every single day can get overwhelming and daunting. Instead, block off a set time during which you will have few distractions (first thing in the morning, lunch time, or evenings at home) each week and knock out the graphics, the video, or the blog writing. Many marketers like to produce “batch content” at the beginning of the week to be more efficient in the posting and scheduling process. Examples of batch content include creating three new graphics pertaining to your newest blog post, or a video series that breaks down your law firm’s most frequently asked questions, etc. Blocking out time for this work will ensure deadlines are met and the creative process is not rushed.

Schedule the time to schedule.

Once content is created, it’s time to get the word out. It is important to set time aside each week to schedule the sharing of your blogs, social posts, newsletters, and emails at designated times (designated in the content calendar mentioned earlier). Establish a routine giving you ample time to thoughtfully write out and schedule your social media posts, proofread and schedule your newsletter, and/or send out emails to distribute your new content.

Don’t force it.

One of the best pieces advices we can give to ensure your content remains consistent is to figure out what type of content you truly enjoy creating and stick with that. If you force yourself to cover all of the different aspects of digital content by yourself, you will get burned out and behind schedule. Skipping a week or two of posts on any given channel can potentially reduce your reach by 50-75 percent!

Avoid this by allowing team members to choose their specialty in this process, or, better yet, get help in the areas you don’t enjoy. If your law firm is looking for support in content creation and promotion, we can help. Contact the marketing experts at Stacey E. Burke P.C. to learn how we can get you on track with your content today.

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