Is It Time For A Legal Branding Makeover?

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With most things, what’s on the inside matters most. When it comes to your law firm, however, that’s not always the case. One of the most important, customer-facing elements of any business is its logo. If your logo and marketing materials are dull and outdated, chances are clients will think the same of your practice. Should you consider rebranding (and no, we aren’t just talking about your logo)? We are talking about the entire digital image of your law firm. Revamping your brand is necessary for businesses of any size in order to stay current, beat the competitors, and target specific audiences. Below are a few major signs it’s time to pursue healthy changes to your brand.

Business is at a standstill. “You need a brand makeover when the marketplace tells you so directly: reduced sales and business is slowing down,” says Allen Adamson, managing director of the New York office of Landor Associates and author of BrandDigital: Simple Ways Top Brands Succeed in the Digital World. Your firm might have had a strong start, but what happens when things change or goals aren’t being met? Instead of waiting to rebrand during dire or unfavorable circumstances, take the opportunity to revitalize your brand while business is less active. A brand makeover can help attract a completely new clientele while also boosting momentum for the firm entirely.

Your message isn’t clear. If you aren’t connecting with clients, it’s time to take a step back and figure out why. Is your firm’s mission obvious to those who take your business cards, visit your website, or follow your social media channels? Does it look like every marketing piece came from the same firm? Strong branding makes for strong impressions, and must be clearly and consistently delivered across every interaction with a client. Take a look at your marketing materials, signage, and website to make sure each component is following your brand standards, meeting (or better yet, exceeding) your expectations, and most importantly communicating a consistent message.

Competitors seem to be doing better. If competitors are upstaging you, it’s absolutely time to make a change. Your marketing strategy should give you an edge and keep you ahead of the curve. Narrow in on what makes your firm unique; find out what distinguishes you from your competitors. Take this differentiation and use it in all branding and marketing efforts. You want to make certain you aren’t the only ones who realize your firm is special. The ultimate goal is to always ensure a client’s first impression of your firm sets you apart from the others’.

Brand makeovers offer significant opportunities for growth, enhanced momentum, and the capacity to stay relevant in your practice area. With rebranding, it’s important to reflect not only on what your firm strives for, but what it does not want to be as well. If you’re ready to take the plunge and change your firm’s image, keep in mind that it’s best to make small but impactful changes. You don’t want to risk making your firm unrecognizable, especially to existing clients. For help with this complicated but highly beneficial process, contact the marketing experts at Stacey E. Burke P.C.


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