Optimize Your Video Content With These 4 Critical Tips


Video content is popping up everywhere in the digital world these days. Despite its popularity, there is a common misconception that simply uploading a video to YouTube or Facebook is that’s all that is needed; however, that is not the case. You may not realize it, but optimization is crucial to the success of your video content, just like it is for content marketing. For your video content to thrive, it must be relevant, professional, timely, and most importantly, optimized. So how exactly can you make sure the videos you are creating are fully optimized? Read below for four simple tips to fully maximize your video’s potential.

1. Specific and compelling title

One of the first components of your video audiences see before they click is the video title. Think about what goals you have for your video and develop a title from there. What emotions can you evoke from your audience? What information are people likely searching for? Keep the title specific, concise, and relevant rather than trying to be clever and catchy.

2. Link at the beginning of the description

Video viewers no longer have the patience to scroll to the bottom of a description box and click a link. People want instant gratification, meaning they want their information fast and easily accessible. You can think of the description box as prime real estate for your content. It’s crucial to include a link in your description box for several reasons, including increased SEO value and referral traffic. It is even more important to include that link at the top of the description box in order to maximize the click-through-rate to your website.

An additional key tip for using links in your description box include using a link shortener (like bit.ly for example) in order to customize your links and track the number of link clicks. Also include keywords relevant to your video and try to keep the description under 250 words.

3. Include relevant tags

Tags are another equally fundamental section in your video description. Always be sure to include tags that let viewers instantly know what your video is about. Choose tags wisely; and don’t overdo it with irrelevant tags you think will bring more views (Google might even penalize you for that). Lead with keywords and use the words and questions with which you want viewers and YouTube to associate your video.

4. Incorporate transcripts

Just because people are watching your videos doesn’t mean they are necessarily listening to them. Maybe they are watching while at work or in a quiet environment, and some viewers have hearing impairments. For this reason, it is a great idea to include transcript overlay within your videos. Give people the option to read while they watch so they can enjoy your content anywhere and any way they prefer.

Also consider including the transcription in the video description box, or later turning the subject matter into a blog post. Because Google and YouTube (the two largest search engines in the world!) cannot “listen” to you videos, transcribing them will increase your video’s SEO value.

Video Content Strategy Help

Creating great video content is the first step in any video marketing strategy, but optimizing that content is just as important. Follow the key tips mentioned above to truly get your videos off the ground and running. If you find yourself needing help in your video marketing ventures, contact the experts at Stacey E. Burke P.C. today.

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