Social Media Metrics You Should Actually Care About, Part 1: Facebook


You’ve been regularly posting on your law firm’s social media channels and now you are wondering if the return on investment (ROI) is there. Social media metrics have come a long way over the years, and these days you can glean excellent insight into how your social posts are performing. But which of the countless available metrics, statistics, and data should you focus on? How do you prove whether or not your efforts are making an impact?

Don’t waste your time analyzing numbers that won’t help you grow or perform better next month. Focus on evaluating the figures that directly impact your law firm. Read on to learn which social media metrics your law firm should actually care about.


It is important to keep in mind that there are several stages of the social funnel, such as awareness, engagement, conversion, and consumer.

Facebook offers a comprehensive overview of key Page metrics going back 28 days. Once you click Insights, you are immediately given an overview of important data points such as Page likes, reach, Page visits, post engagements, and more.


Key metrics to note in this overview include:

  • Page likes: the number of unique people who like your Page. New Page likes will also show the percentage increase or decrease compared to the previous recorded timeframe.
  • Post reach: the number of unique people who have seen your content. This includes Facebook ads and organic Page posts.
  • Post engagements: the number of unique people who have clicked, liked, commented, on or shared your posts.
  • Reach:  the number of people who have seen your post. Your post “reaches” someone when it’s shown in his or her news feed.

As you scroll down the Insights overview page, you will see the past five most recent posts shared on your law firm’s Facebook Page. Pay attention to the reach and engagements and take note of which content performs best.


Scroll further and you will find data for Pages to Watch. This data compares the performance of your law firm’s Page and posts with similar Pages on Facebook (most likely your competitors). Keeping an eye on competitors is a great way for your law firm to expand its industry awareness. Take note of what target audiences are enjoying and what isn’t working on your Page as well as competitors’.



The Likes tab will reveal detailed data behind your total Page likes and net likes, which includes statistics for unlikes, organic likes, and paid likes. The first image you will see is your Total Page Likes, which helps you get an idea of your audience growth over time. The next graph reveals recent trends with regard to your net Likes. Below that is an image showing how you received your Likes, informing Page Admins as to what drew the new Like in or what made your audience begin to opt-out. Gaining followers is a strong indicator that your content is what your audience wants to see, while losing followers might mean you need to rethink your social strategy.





Facebook Reach insights helps you understand just how far your social posts are going. This includes how many Facebook users, whether they are actually following your Page or not, saw your posts. This can include organic posts shown in news feeds, paid posts, or posts that friends interacted with.

The Reach tab shows what content is or is not working in your law firm’s favor. As the reach number spikes, the organic reach of your Page grows and so will your audience. You also will learn as the number goes down, as this might mean people are hiding your posts from their news feeds or not necessarily connecting with the content you are putting out there.




Click the People tab in Insights and soak in demographic information about your Page followers. You will also get and understanding of the people reached and who actually engaged with your posts.


This matters because you can plan your editorial calendar with your audience members in mind, especially when targeting in Facebook ads. If you don’t plan your social media content with your own audience in mind, your reach will never grow the way you want it to.

Covering Video engagement.

We all know by now that video content on Facebook is stronger than ever. Are people actually watching the videos you work so hard to share on your law firm’s Facebook Page? If so, which videos are outperforming the others? Video engagement insights will let you know immediately.


Key video metrics to note include:

  • Total views: the number of people who saw your video, broken down by duration watched.
  • Average completion: the average amount of time people watched your videos.
  • Video engagement: the number of reactions, comments, and shares on your video.


Now you should have a better understanding of how well your law firm Facebook Page is performing. If you find yourself overwhelmed with understanding Facebook or other social media analytics and want help, contact the social media experts at Stacey E. Burke P.C.

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