The Dos and Don’ts Of Instagram For Business

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There is no denying the ever-growing popularity of Instagram for both personal and professional use.  Because of this, law firms and other businesses are coming out of the woodwork, building out profiles, and even advertising on the social platform. Should your law firm jump on this social media channel bandwagon and use Instagram for business? If you have the content to share and the bandwidth for daily posts, we vote yes! Not only is it great exposure for your law firm, but Instagram is the fastest growing social network and allows for some of the greatest engagement. Who could say no to that?

Before you get carried away posting personal photos with hilarious captions with lots of hashtags, we have to warn you that Instagram marketing success isn’t as easy as it looks. There are endless lists of best practices, and statistics on what works and what doesn’t. Today we are sharing the basics. Check out our infographic below to learn the do’s and don’ts of Instagram for your law firm.

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