The Top Twitter Analytics Your Law Firm Isn’t Tracking


When I ask what a client’s goals are for Twitter and they respond with, “I want 100,000 followers. How long will that take?” My response it always, “About 3 – 5 hours depending on the service I use to purchase them for you. “

No, I am not purchasing followers for any client, nor do I recommend anyone use that as a practice. It is not only frowned upon, it can get you suspended on Twitter and it is a complete waste of money.  The focus is misplaced: most law firms erroneously focus on their quantity of followers instead of the quality and subsequent engagement.

So how do you know if your firm is getting the most out of Twitter? Even if your law firm doesn’t run its social media marketing with a fancy software program, the native Twitter application just released free tracking and analytics to all users.


Link clicks

A significant number of your tweets should include links to either your blog or another news source or blog. Track how many people click your shared links and the percent increase each month.  I recommend using a link-shortener and tracker like, or (within Hootsuite) to track how many times your link was clicked.


The number of people that reply to your tweets or mention you in one of their tweets is a positive indicator of your reach, more so than your number of followers.  It means people are reading your content and finding it so engaging that they want to find out more or begin a conversation about it. Don’t be afraid to reply! You can track your replies and mentions using Twitter’s analytics. Just go to You can also use a social reporting software like Hootsuite, Social Report, or Sprout Social to generate reports tracking replies and mentions.


Similar to measuring replies and mentions, track the number of times your tweets get retweeted. This means people are sharing your content with their network, furthering your message’s reach. As with other key performance indicators, you can track these statistics within Twitter’s new analytics or via social reporting software.


Twitter users can favorite your tweet as a way of bookmarking it for later viewing, or to let you know they liked your content. The Twitter “favorite” has become a cousin of the Facebook “like.” Favoriting gives a good indication of what content your followers like so you can continue to encourage engagement. As with other key performance indicators, you can track these statistics within Twitter’s new analytics or via social reporting software.


Many users create lists to monitor specific topics (i.e. Law Marketing or Personal Injury Experts). If you position yourself as an authority or industry influencer, other Twitter users will add you to their lists. This a great way to track your influence. Unfortunately, while Twitter does not track this metric, Hootsuite does within its reporting module on the “Twitter Overview” report, which is free!

Now that you know what numbers to track, you can focus on increasing them and getting the most out of Twitter.  Of course, if you are too busy or unable to take on another marketing duty for your law firm, contact us. I’ve set up and managed Twitter accounts that have yielded growing analytics for numerous law firms across the country.


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