Why Email Marketing and Social Media Go Hand In Hand


Email and social media marketing are two of the most established and effective digital marketing tactics used today. With such a strong inflation in social media use these days, people often question whether email marketing is still even relevant. While it’s true that 83% of marketers agree that social media is important for businesses, email marketing is still a very active player in the marketing game. Though the two marketing strategies seem different on the surface, they actually have several commonalities, and perform best when working conjointly.


Yes and no. Email marketing is more widely used as a means to keep the communication going with past clients, personal and professional contacts, or “soft leads” – people who signed up or subscribed to your email marketing list in order to get more information. Social media on the other hand draws in the interest of new people and typically reaches a larger audience. The two are similar in that after gaining the attention and curiosity of users, they both work to maintain and strengthen the relationships that were built.

Easily Cross-Promote

Cross-promotion is never a bad idea, especially if you have the right tactics. If you have a following in one area, why not gently push them to another source of information they’d be interested in? On your social media channels, urge followers to subscribe to your email list in order to keep up with the firm’s latest news. When you send out your next email campaign, highlight some of your most engaged social media posts, and be sure to include your firm’s social media links so your subscribers can easily follow you elsewhere.

Build A Master List

If you already have a list of subscribers from email marketing campaigns, you can easily upload your subscriber lists to social networks such as Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, and Google +. This not only helps to further build relationships across new platforms, but it will help you get to know more of your audience as you see them posting on their social media channels. The more you post the type of content that they want to see, the more your new followers will learn.

Drive More Website Traffic

Think of social media marketing and email marketing as two strategies that ultimately work toward the same goals. Use both of these mediums as a way to link back to your law firm’s website. If you recently posted a new case result or blog post, post the link on social media to get a conversation started on the topic with your audience. Use email campaigns to give your audience a glimpse or a teaser about the news.

Integrate Social Media Into Your Email Marketing

If you aren’t sure where to begin in this process, there are integration apps that can streamline the efforts of combining email campaigns and your firm’s social media sites. Here are a few apps that directly integrate with MailChimp, for example, that make it easy for your email following to directly connect with your firm’s social media channels. 


It’s easy to get caught up in using one marketing strategy over others, especially as the digital marketing world continues to develop and transform. The goal here is not to choose one or the other when it comes to your online following. It’s important to keep in mind that the more you bring your efforts together, the more value you bring to your audience members, the more consistent you are in your online presence, and the more likely clients are to trust your law firm.

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