Print Marketing

Despite the variety of marketing options available in the digital realm, print marketing materials remain a relevant and crucial branding component for law firms. While many modern law firms choose to forsake the costly creation of print marketing materials for the cheap allure of online marketing, larger and more established firms have always understood print is imperative and a necessary component of a comprehensive marketing strategy.

Stacey E. Burke, P.C. works with law firms across the country to create sleek, polished, professional print marketing materials. We have experience handling every aspect of print creation, including the fine details of paper options, printing techniques, ink colors, layout, and more.



From a single tri-fold brochure to a larger multiple-page spread, brochures are a useful item law firms should use when meeting with potential clients and referral sources. Having a professionally printed item someone can hold, read, and take with them ensures your firm makes a great first impression. It also provides another way to connect with potential clients and an easy manner to tout the firm’s accomplishments, highlight the attorneys, and provide contact information.


While many law firms prefer an inbox to a mailbox, direct mail is still an effective advertising tool and should be considered for law firms of any size. Direct mail comes in all shapes and sizes, including:

  • Announcing new hires or a new office location
  • Holiday cards
  • Communicating with existing clients about upcoming events, meetings, or other important information relevant to their cases
  • Reaching out to potential new clients
  • Keeping your firm top-of-mind with referral sources and other contacts

Most state bar associations have strict ethical guidelines for direct mail advertising. At Stacey E. Burke, P.C., our team is well versed in navigating advertising rules and ensuring our direct mail designs comply.


Our firm is experienced at print advertising creation and placement in newspapers, trade publications, magazines, and more.  Print advertising remains a solid option for some law firms to consider, as it has become cheaper than ever before, largely due to the demand flowing over more strongly into the digital advertising world. Fewer competitors advertising in the same space means your firm can stand out even more.


In addition to crafting a print advertising strategy and creating new print marketing materials, our team can help your law firm repurpose its print media via additional marketing methods. Examples include using reprints of news articles as inserts for a brochure or paper mailing campaign, or purchasing the digital rights to reproduce the online version of print awards like Super Lawyers on your law firm’s website. When we design print pieces, we create designs that can be adapted for use across the firm’s digital assets, such as sharing them on social media or including them in a blog post – ensuring continuity of branding for the firm.


To get a quote for print advertising and/or print marketing materials for law firms, or to learn more about working on your law firm marketing with Stacey E. Burke, P.C., please contact us at, complete the contact form on our website, or call us at (713) 714-8446.