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Speaking on Social Media for Law Firms at the 18th Annual Insurance Law Institute

On Thursday and Friday, November 7-8, 2013, the University of Texas School of Law and The Insurance Law Section of the State Bar of Texas hosted their 18th Annual Insurance Law Institute in Houston, Texas. The annual continuing legal education event showcased thoughts from the judiciary, mediators, practitioners, vendors, and other businesspeople. I was invited to speak on the second day about social media during the breakout sessions. Ten highlights from my PowerPoint presentation... [MORE]

Business-to-Business Social Media Marketing

I have been an active Twitter user since early 2009. I have watched various industries’ Twitter use evolve over the past five years, especially lawyers. While many lawyers and law firms still erroneously use Twitter solely as a means to auto-feed out their blog content for increased SEO, many are beginning to use social media more strategically. A law firm social media strategy will differ depending upon whether the firm is primarily engaged in B2B or B2C marketing. What? B2B... [MORE]

Your Burning Twitter Questions Answered

Is there a way to delete tweets from other people that tag you or disassociate your twitter account from them? Simple answer: No. I know the reason I get this question. Firms new to social media and specifically those on Facebook but not on Twitter are fearful of ‘negative publicity.’ Companies delay getting on Twitter because they want to control all public messaging about their brand; however, the harsh reality is that people are talking about you already. Just because you aren’t... [MORE]

My Biggest Twitter Influencers

Recently, Everspark Interactive featured me in a piece entitled “13 Attorneys Who Have Raised the Bar with Social Media.” I received a lot of positive feedback and a significant amount of website traffic from their article. In the spirit of paying it forward, I wanted to create a list of my biggest influencers on Twitter. Identifying influencers is vital to the success of your social media marketing, specifically on Twitter. Twitter is a conversational platform that enables law... [MORE]

The Top Twitter Analytics Your Law Firm Isn’t Tracking

When I ask what a client’s goals are for Twitter and they respond with, “I want 100,000 followers. How long will that take?” My response it always, “About 3 – 5 hours depending on the service I use to purchase them for you. “ No, I am not purchasing followers for any client, nor do I recommend anyone use that as a practice. It is not only frowned upon, it can get you suspended on Twitter and it is a complete waste of money.  The focus is misplaced: most law firms erroneously focus... [MORE]

Three Lessons for Legal Industry Vendors on Marketing to Lawyers

This week’s post is specifically for you, legal vendors. I answer a lot of B2B marketing questions from law firms looking to market to other firms.  There are a variety of “expert” opinions available on the Internet concerning whether social media marketing works in the B2B arena. I’ll save you the searching and anticipation: It does. I get new cases for firms using social media. Period. So here’s what I don’t get, law firm vendors: why are businesses that cater to law firms not... [MORE]

Twitter 101 for Lawyers and Law Firms

Even if you aren’t on it, you have probably heard of Twitter. It is a free social media platform with a mobile app, website, and third party applications. Sometimes it gets a bad rap for its constant stream of updates, including “what I had for breakfast” posts. I maintain that the value of Twitter, and really all social media, comes with who you follow and how you use it. I’m a Twitter-evangelist. Why? Twitter trumps Facebook for engagement, audience building and search engine... [MORE]

Social Media Advertising for Lawyers: Are you doing it right?

Most law firms utilize pay-per-click advertising through Google AdWords to target potential clients but have yet to jump onto social media advertising.  While once thought of as “free marketing tools,” Facebook, Twitter, Google+, and LinkedIn have evolved over the last few years into stellar advertising engines. Each platform serves a different advertising purpose. In today’s social world, as a law firm trying to reach new clients, you must pay to play. The good news is that social... [MORE]

Social Media Audience Building for Lawyers

In a recent file review at my office, I gave my team a primer on how I build audiences on social media across the channels that are most relevant to attorneys. Many law firms set up social media channels and some even share content on them, but if no one is listening is social media worth it? In most cases, the answer is no. Which social networks should lawyers use? The number of social media outlets seems to grow exponentially each year. Busy lawyers should be selective about... [MORE]

Google Now Shows Tweets In Search Results

In May, Google and Twitter partnered to bring tweets into mobile search results. This partnership and the subsequent mobile indexing of tweets as organic search results were huge for Twitter and social media users like me. Google updated its original announcement that it will now also be including tweets within search results on desktop as well, and in English everywhere. Why Google Indexing Tweets is Great For Twitter More information is indexed and available to... [MORE]

SEO Tips for Social Media Managers

A great article and infographic from Sprout Social for lawyers to read about social media's impact on SEO: "The connection between social media and SEO has been debated for years. Marketers continue to argue over whether or not social media activity influences search rankings and while there’s evidence to support both sides, the truth is that there’s no concrete answer. What we do know is that social media can be used as a part of your SEO strategy." [MORE]

8 Mistakes Your Business Is Making On Social Media

To many, social media is the “next big thing” when it comes to marketing a business. The fact is, it’s already a big thing, it’s here, and it’s huge. If you happen to not yet have social media platforms set up for your business, that is your first mistake. Social media marketing means huge potential for your business, particularly in areas like brand recognition, brand loyalty, and lead conversions. Major “don’ts” for your business when joining and contributing to the social media... [MORE]

Why Hiring A Social Media Marketing Manager Is The Right Idea For Your Law Firm

While many people think of social media as a hobby, side project, or even a nuisance, some people make an entire career out of it, or even build a business from it. Social media is easily one of the most powerful marketing tools out there and should be a part of any business' holistic marketing strategy, and law firms are no exception. If you’re one of the skeptics thinking, “why would my law firm need one person to handle such a tiny task in my grand marketing scheme,” read... [MORE]

Twitter Tips For Lawyers

In 2009, I began my Twitter odyssey scared I would not be able to figure it out and nervous I would do something wrong and look like an idiot. I persevered with the help of some online friends and began an ongoing love affair with my favorite social media channel. Over the years, as my understanding,  usage, and following on Twitter all grew, most lawyers I knew remained indifferent to social media and in particular Twitter. Many lawyers use LinkedIn – most have Individual Profiles... [MORE]

Twitter Engagement For Lawyers

At one point or another, you’ve probably asked yourself if Twitter is actually helpful for growing your business or if it’s a total waste of time. The truth is it’s only helpful for promoting your brand if you know how to use it. In February 2016, Twitter began using an algorithm to determine what users see; but the algorithm didn’t really change much in terms of what users see in their feeds. The primary purpose for implementing the algorithm stemmed from Twitter classifying... [MORE]