Erica Lopes

Eric Lopes

Pronouns: he/him/his

448 W 19th St, #1010
Houston, TX 77008
Office: (713) 714-8446

About Eric

Search Engine Optimization Expert with an Obsession for Technical Details

Eric Lopes is an extremely experienced digital marketer, bringing several years of experience of search engine optimization expertise to the Stacey E. Burke, P.C. team. Eric focuses his highly analytical mind on researching server logs, website information architecture, keyword phrases and rankings, and testing new SEO strategies for our law firm clients. What motivates him most about his work is really helping someone’s business have a steady stream of leads in order to contribute to their financial stability.

His previous work experience with other successful marketing companies and working in-house for a personal injury and products liability law firm involved being responsible for conducting market research, building custom websites, developing marketing strategies, handling paid advertising campaigns, and developing and delivering custom client reporting on her efforts. In addition, he created and executed social media strategies for law firms including Facebook advertising campaigns for mass tort and personal injury cases and developed SEO strategies to grow website traffic.

In addition to his multi-year in-house legal marketing experience, during college, Eric worked as a paralegal and thought he wanted to attend law school, handling a docket of cases including personal injury – including medical malpractice.

Ever since he joined SEBPC in October 2021, Eric has never been afraid to voice his opinions on our client work and has helped us improve the quality of our deliverables and services offerings in his areas of expertise. This is exemplified by his testing at the expert level for interpersonal skills and teamwork. One of his favorite tasks is finding what he calls “quick wins” for clients – or strategies that can be implemented relatively easily and at little to no additional expense to the client but that have a tremendous impact.

Eric studied Economics and Computer Science at University of Houston. He has significant experience with and mastery of skills and programs including Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Illustrator, WordPress, Google Analytics, Search Console, and Tag Manager, HTML5, CSS3/SASS, JavaScript, CSS, Git, PHP, user interface (UI), website development, and more.

In his free time, Eric loves to spend time with his spouse and their pets.