Lisa Hopkins

1800 Bering Dr., Suite 1010
Houston TX 77057
Office: (713) 714-8446

About Lisa

Perfectionistic Project Lead and Primary Client Liaison

Lisa Hopkins is the senior marketing consultant for Stacey E. Burke, P.C. She has worked with the company for over four years, and in that time has made herself an indispensable part of our day-to-day operations. Lisa’s job encompasses all things client-related. Since Stacey travels, speaks, and consults in person on a regular basis, Lisa serves as the primary point of contact for the attorneys we work with.

In addition to having excellent people skills from her time managing a large retail workforce, Lisa is a natural marketer. Her marketing duties include high-level design projects, such as logo development, branding, brochures, print mailers, website design and development, and more.

In addition to Lisa’s creative side she inherited from her art teacher mother, she also loves statistics and numbers more than the average person, due in part to her CPA father. She uses her analytical prowess to keep all of our client projects on track and trending in the right direction. Lisa’s daily focus allows her to combine her love of visual design and technical details.

Lisa has become an expert in all things digital, including social media advertising, creating WordPress websites, content drafting and editing, and crafting target demographics. In addition, she received an Event Marketing Certification from Eventbrite and spearheads all of the event planning for our law firm clients. Stacey E. Burke, P.C. has planned and executed legal industry events across Texas, as well as in Louisiana, California, and Illinois.

During her years at Rice University, Lisa juggled a full class load with a myriad of on-campus extracurricular activities – all while holding a part-time job. Her high-level ability to multitask serves her well, as she generally switches between several intricate law firm projects each day. She graduated from Rice with a Bachelor of Arts in Political Science, which cemented her passion for political volunteerism, including helping local judicial candidates in the Houston area with their campaign events. Lisa often proudly labels herself as a self-proclaimed, “Rice nerd.”

Prior to joining Stacey E. Burke, P.C., Lisa discovered her love of marketing, handling all of the advertising for multiple former employers. From art directing photo shoots to designing camera-ready direct mail pieces, Lisa realized she wanted to explore her love for marketing full time. She works as hard and as long as necessary in order to find the right solution for every law firm.

Outside of the office, Lisa devotes much of her time to helping non-profit groups and planning trips for her large group of friends. Her devotion and loyalty to her work is mirrored in her personal life, as she gives much of herself to help others in any way she can.


Dimensions – Chief Operations Officer

  • Procured domain name
  • Created email accounts and managed hosting
  • Created and maintained website
  • Created Facebook Company Page
  • Facebook social scheduling, community management, and audience building
  • Social media marketing
  • Implemented and managed email marketing campaigns
  • Art directed photo shoots
  • Designed camera ready direct mail pieces
  • Designed camera ready magazine ads
  • Directed mass mailings through clearinghouse
  • Planned trunk shows
  • Handled logistics for sales representatives
  • Executed all marketing efforts in advance of show
  • Created follow up sequences for all event attendees
  • Audited business expenditures to reduce overhead
  • Streamlined marketing efforts to become more cost effective
  • Analyzed ROI for all advertising and marketing
  • Performed all bookkeeping functions, including monthly reports, accounts payable, and payroll
  • Created employee manuals and procedures
  • 2019 Crystal Awards Winner, Print Collateral or Direct Marketing: Company or Organization Brochure, American Marketing Association Houston, May 2019.
  • 2019 Crystal Awards Finalist, Website: Blog In-House, American Marketing Association Houston, May 2019.
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  • Infusionsoft: Certified Partner
  • Eventbrite: Certified Event Marketing
  • Friends of DePelchin, Board Member
  • Out for Education, Former Vice-President
  • Beto for Senate, Volunteer
  • Alex T for Texas, Volunteer
  • Kristen Hawkins for Judge, Volunteer
  • Wendy Davis for Governor, Volunteer