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Does digital marketing feel overwhelming and too “high-tech?”
Are you not able to quantify your marketing return on investment or success?
Do you have uncompleted ideas or projects you started to market your business that you wish someone could finish?
Are you too busy litigating and running your business to meet with vendors and implement efficient internal practices to modernize your business model?

If you are a small to medium sized law firm owner and you answered yes to any of these questions, contact Stacey E. Burke, PC for assistance with your marketing and business efficiency needs.


Getting Media Coverage for Your Law Firm Press Release

Jul 23, 2014 | by Stacey Burke
Back in November of last year, I wrote about digital press releases for law firms.  Since that time, the power of online media distribution channels has decreased. While I have always included a direct-to-media campaign along with my digital press releases, relationships with the media and the ability to reach them quickly has become more important now than ever before. The use of the “press drop,” targeted press email campaigns, and other alternative tactics can often lead to more... [MORE]

Convert Your Prospects: Improve Your Intake Process

I am fortunate in that my days involve speaking to new prospects around the country, almost all of which are law firms. Any law firm that contacts me seeking to spend a significant budget on marketing is first asked questions about their existing infrastructure. One of my biggest Stacey-isms (if there is such a thing) is “do not spend money on marketing unless and until you have the internal systems set up to handle the increased intake.” Most marketing agencies and vendors only... [MORE]

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