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Does digital marketing feel overwhelming and too “high-tech?”
Are you not able to quantify your marketing return on investment or success?
Do you have uncompleted ideas or projects you started to market your business that you wish someone could finish?
Are you too busy litigating and running your business to meet with vendors and implement efficient internal practices to modernize your business model?

If you are a small to medium sized law firm owner and you answered yes to any of these questions, contact Stacey E. Burke, PC for assistance with your marketing and business efficiency needs.


Components of Law Firm Business Development Success: Referral Sources

Oct 15, 2014 | by Stacey Burke | Business Development
As discussed in last week’s blog post “Components of Law Firm Business Development Success: Clients,” true biz dev starts with maintaining what you’ve already built. Lawyers and staff alike must make consistent and concerted efforts to maintain the law firm’s referral sources as well as its clients.  Finding new referral sources is something that can be rather easily integrated into the lives of most extroverted people – just start talking to strangers, the nice ones. If you meet... [MORE]

Components of Law Firm Business Development Success: Clients

Oct 08, 2014 | by Stacey Burke | Business Development
Business development is all about making the connection between those who potentially or actually have a need and those who can service that need. In the legal world, our services are not only needed by potential clients, but also by other lawyers. It is essential to the growth and success of your law firm that the greater legal industry is aware of your firm, your practice areas, and what makes you different or unique. So many referrals are lost simply because a lawyer does not... [MORE]

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