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Repurposing Digital Press Releases and Navigating Media Communications

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This post is the second of two posts about online press releases for lawyers. In my first post, I discussed how the interaction between online press releases and search engine optimization has changed, as well as how to write good press release copy. In this post, I will cover how to use your law firm press releases offline, and how to set up the appropriate internal protocol for handing media inquiries.

Repurpose Your Digital Press Release, Both Online and Offline 

The Obvious:

Legal Media Contact List – Keep a list of all contacts you develop that work in the legal news business – the most important piece of information being their email addresses. Legal news media outlets on my list include Law360, Texas Lawyer, Thomson Reuters, and LexisNexis

News Media Contact List – Build a separate media list for mainstream news media contacts. These contacts can include local, regional, and state print, online and broadcast outlets, as well as national and international media such as Bloomberg News, The New York Times, and CNN.

The Not So Obvious:

Speakers Bureau – Keep a list of professional association contacts you interact with when you attend and/or speak at an event. When your law firm gets significant media coverage, share the news with this “speakers bureau” to promote yourself as an expert and potential speaker on the practice area topics related to your press coverage. 

Email Marketing – Include a short synopsis of your press release and subsequent media coverage, if applicable, in your law firm’s monthly email newsletter that link to the stories. You can send a special edition email to your newsletter list if the media coverage or news event is significant 

Blog Post – Write a blog post about the content contained within your press release, outbound linking to your press release. Certainly, if you obtain media coverage, link to the coverage within a blog post on your website as well.

Tips for Lawyers Dealing with the Media

  1. Everything you say is really “on the record.”
  2. Despite efforts to be impartial, some media entities come to you for an interview or comment with an agenda and/or a bias. Be prepared.
  3. Never let your client give a media interview without an attorney from your firm present or at least appearing by telephone.
  4. You are entitled to and should ask for interview questions or topics from reporters in advance so that you can prepare your answers.
  5. If a law firm is actively trying to gain media attention through a public relations campaign, social media marketing, or by publishing online press or articles, the firm must establish internal protocol for how to handle inbound media inquiries.
  6. If you designate a public relations firm in your media releases as the point of contact for your law firm, make sure that this agency is instructed in detail with regard to how you would like your media inquiries handled.

Work with us

Stacey Burke has been handling law firm digital content for years, and has developed a national reputation for promoting law firms to both raise brand awareness and to increase new case acquisition. If your law firm would like to work with Stacey outside of her standard monthly retainer arrangements, individual press release purchasing is now available.

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Stacey E. Burke is both an experienced trial lawyer and law firm business consultant. She works with lawyers and law firms around the world to improve their business development, marketing, and infrastructures.

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