Analytics: The Map to Email Marketing Success



I previously discussed how to choose your email marketing softwarecreate and segment your email listdesign your newsletter and find and create great content. Once you create and send an email marketing campaign, it is imperative that you track and measure its success.

Email marketing analytics appear in real time, and monitoring them can certainly become an obsessive pastime. You can see which recipients opened your email, and see what links they clicked. Monitoring, analyzing, and utilizing the statistics obtained from each email marketing effort will help you optimize not only your e-marketing, but also your law firm’s comprehensive marketing strategy.


The open rate is the percentage of recipients who opened an email compared to how many were sent the email. Not everyone on your list will open your email. The legal industry’s average open rate is 18% – 20%.

Your law firm’s email marketing open rate can be improved with attention to the following:

Write an enticing subject line.  Does your subject line make me want to open your email right now? Does it sound like spam?

Do I recognize the name of the email sender?  Would you open an email from a sender you don’t know? Probably not. Use an easily recognizable name: one of the lawyers or the firm’s name.

Stick to a timeline. For law firms, weekly emails are too frequent. Stick to a quarterly or monthly email marketing piece.

Clean your lists.  Do not mistake quantity for quality when it comes to the number of recipients of your email marketing. Bad addresses and repeat “non-openers” hurt your open rates.

Arrive in the inbox.  Utilize the native tools in your email service provider (ESP) to check your message’s spam rating to ensure your messages are not blocked by your recipients.

Timing is everything.  Experiment finding a good time of day and day of week to send your campaign, and stick to it.


We include links in our e-newsletter, allowing readers to read more on our blog, RSVP for events, download white papers, and contact the firm. Including links continues user engagement, and your ESP’s link tracking will show you what pieces of your campaign performed best.  Top-clicked links will tell you what types of articles and content your readers are interested in.

A click-through-rate (CTR) is the percentage of users who click on a link to the subsequent location. The legal industry average CTR is between 4% and 11%.

Improve your law firm’s email marketing click-through-rate with:

Copy placement and copy brevity. Short, concise copy increases the likelihood that your reader will finish your newsletter. You should also frontload your best copy.

Clear and concise call to action.  Define your law firm’s marketing goal and include a corresponding call to action (such as a “click here to refer your case” red button).

Social sharing options. Emails with social sharing options have an average click-through-rate (CTR) 158% higher than emails without.  The SEBPC email newsletter sent last week was shared over 300 times online.

More questions? Contact us if you are interested in starting an email marketing strategy for your firm or business. I have run e-marketing campaigns for over a decade, and am proud to lend my e-expertise to law firm marketing.


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