Six Reasons To Translate Your Law Firm Website

Translate Your Law Firm Website

Creating a striking law firm website is not an easy task. The amount of hours your web developer pours into coding exceptional design should ideally have clients knocking on your door, but is it enough to only offer your services online in English? Below are six reasons why law firms should translate website copy into other languages.

Expand Your Audience

The most fundamental reason to translate your website into additional languages is to expand your audience. If your objective is to access an untapped source new of clientele, establishing a multilingual website can help further that objective. Making your content available in other languages casts a larger net with which to acquire new potential clients.

Build Trust

You are more likely to gain a client’s trust if you communicate effectively in a language they understand. It is no secret that most people gravitate towards what they know and comprehend. It is difficult to establish credibility if your message is unclear or incomprehensible. According to Harvard Business Review, “nine out of 10 Internet users said that, when given a choice of languages, they always visited a website in their own language.” By translating your web content into other languages, you can build trust between potential and existing clients.

Not All Translators Are Equal

If you have ever had to translate a few sentences on the fly, you may have used an online translation tool such as Google Translate. If you have undertaken more extensive translation, you’ve likely become aware that not all translators are accurate. It is worth the time and money to have your content professionally translated by a legal industry professional certified in handling translations in the desired language. Legalese is not always easy to translate, so it helps to use someone well versed in legal terminology.

Boost Your SEO

A professionally translated website can boost your law firm’s overall search engine optimization (SEO). If you already have a digital marketing strategy in place, consider adding in the translation and optimization of your website in another language. Translated content can improve organic Google rankings by increasing the chances a website will be found in search results. Translated webpages can also increase organic traffic to your website, as users typically search for content in their preferred language. In order to ensure a consistent user experience across all languages, translate the keywords and metadata for each page along with the content.

You Offer Services In A Different Language

If your law firm provides legal help in multiple languages, its website should reflect that by showcasing the languages spoken in your office(s). If you communicate with clients in a language other than English, it is crucial to post digital content in that language. Not providing an avenue for potential and existing clients to find clear, pertinent information in a language they can best understand could result in a competitor gaining an advantage.

Competitive Advantage

Having a multilingual website can help you stand out from competing law firms. Providing a service similar law firms do not offer is a strong legal marketing move. While it is not uncommon to offer legal assistance in multiple languages, if a competitor does not have a translated website, your law firm will have a competitive advantage online if you do. The ability for potential clients to access information on your website in their native tongue is key in obtaining and retaining multilingual clients.

Law Firm Website Translation

As more and more people flock to the web in search of professional services providers, it is necessary to have a strong legal marketing advantage. If your law firm is looking for support in website translation, we can help. Contact the legal marketing experts at Stacey E. Burke P.C. to learn how we can help with your law firm marketing today.

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