Five Reasons Every Law Firm Website Should Incorporate FAQs


The best practices for law firm website design and copywriting continue to change in response to consumer behavior – and nothing has shifted that behavior as dramatically as the COVID-19 pandemic. Now, users are searching for answers to questions way more frequently than ever before. Proving the answers to searchers’ questions in your website content will help your site rank higher in search engine results pages (SERPs), including potentially scoring a spot in the coveted rich results.

What is an FAQ?

FAQ stands for frequently asked question. Lawyers should include FAQs for commonly asked questions. These items can be included in various ways in a law firm website, with one such example shown below:


Below, we list five reasons your law firm should incorporate FAQs throughout its website.

Improve User Experience

All visitors come to a website with questions in mind. Potential clients visit law firm websites in search of answers to legal questions. Having designated areas where users can find the answers to their questions improves user experience. The user’s experience on a website is equivalent to customer service – users gravitate toward information that is easily accessible. When visitors cannot quickly find what they need, they will navigate away from a website, or “bounce” off. According to Impact, “79% of people who don’t like what they find on one site will go back and search for another site.” A good user experience – like good customer service – can lead website visitors to use your legal services.

Build Trust Between You and Potential Clients

If you are looking to build trust between you and potential clients, take the time to research and address their needs. Providing answers to questions before a new client can even meet with you in person is a great way to build trust. It demonstrates authenticity, educates the consumer, and gives website visitors confidence about doing business with your firm.

Prove Expertise

More often than not, people who search for law firm websites are looking for legal advice. Answering frequently asked legal questions is an exceptional way to strengthen your web presence and showcase your practice area specific knowledge. It will also give prospective clients a sample of the legal services offered by your firm.

Competitive Advantage

Not all law firms incorporate FAQs into their websites. One of the most fundamental advantages of offering these answers is the competitive advantage it provides over similar law firms. The American Bar Association posits that if a “potential client lands on a law firm website that answers the very question they were asking and demonstrates the firm or lawyer’s extensive knowledge of the practice area, which lawyer do you think the client is likely to call first when they are ready to seek the advice of a lawyer?” The potential client will turn to the law firm that provides more helpful and easily accessible information.

Improve Your SEO

Incorporating FAQs throughout your website can help your content rank closer to the top of organic search results. Google highlights content that provides the best answer to a search query in a variety of rich results, including featured snippets. Google’s featured snippets and other rich results are highly coveted spots with tremendous visibility. For instance, if you type the question “if a tree falls on my car am I covered” into the Google search bar, a featured snippet is highlighted. Google determined Allstate’s webpage provides the best answer to the searcher’s question. Appearing as a featured snippet drives more organic traffic to your website because it is the first thing users see in search results.

Law Firm Website Design

Researching and implementing frequently asked questions across a law firm website is not an easy task. It requires patience, time, keyword research, and experience with inputting code into the backend of your website. If your law firm is considering freshening up its digital appearance, the digital marketing experts at Stacey E. Burke P.C. can help, so contact us for more information today.

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