Here’s What You Need To Know About Readability

If you are undertaking a content marketing strategy or launching a new website, you need to understand a concept called “readability” and the effect it has on SEO value and user experience. While readability was not always an important factor to consider for SEO, it’s becoming hugely significant and you will need to be mindful of it.

Negative Reviews

What Lawyers Can Do About Negative Reviews

Part One: Negative Reviews on Facebook and Google Practicing law is providing a professional service, and thus law firms benefit from online reviews. However, opening yourself and your law firm up to receiving reviews doesn’t just allow for positive news. Receiving negative feedback can be devastating, as these reviews are often left flippantly, sometimes even…

Building Backlinks

Building Backlinks

Building backlinks to your law firm website is an extremely detailed process that is very time-consuming. If you are practicing law, chances are you won’t have time to undertake a meaningful analysis or to engage in outreach to acquire links. That’s where we come in – the legal marketing experts of Stacey E. Burke, P.C. handle effective link building strategies for lawyers across the country.

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