Law firm logo

Creating a Law Firm Logo: 6 Things to Keep in Mind

All marketing efforts start at the same place: a logo. Logos are at the core of your law firm’s brand identity, as they are the first and most basic visual representation of a business. Consider how important logos are to every major company. We all associate the curved check mark or “swoosh” with Nike, the…

Don't Build Your Website

Why You Shouldn’t Build Your Own Website

Websites have come a long way in the past five to ten years, and more “do it yourself” options exist than ever before. While the thought of building a website yourself might seem like a more economical option – especially for new law firms or lawyers with a limited budget – a DIY website is…


How To Improve Your Website’s Domain Authority

Domain authority is a score developed to analyze how likely your website is to rank on SERPs – or search engine result pages. While a website’s domain authority analysis includes a variety of metrics and variables just like Google’s algorithm does, it focuses heavily on the number of referring domains (also commonly called backlinks) for a given website.

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How to Make a Phone Number Click-to-Call

By now, most lawyers know it’s important to have a website that performs well on mobile devices. Mobile traffic accounts for a large percentage of website traffic, and Google has largely transitioned to “mobile-first” indexing of websites. Having a responsively designed website is only part of what your law firm needs to succeed with mobile…