Best Types of Facebook Ads for Law Firm Marketing

As I’ve written about before, Facebook’s advertising platform is growing at an exponential rate. In fact, Facebook says over 1.8 billion people use its social media platform every month. But to the social media advertising novice, Facebook’s advertising platform may appear to be a little overwhelming. In this we will discuss the different types of Facebook ads and the corresponding metrics you should pay attention to as they are running.

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Going Local: Five Tips To Get Your Law Firm Website To Appear In Local Search Results

If you live in Houston and you search Google for a plumber in the area, it isn’t helpful to see results for plumbers in California. This sounds obvious, but this concept is having profound effects on search engine results. In order to provide users with the best possible results to match their search, Google shows a preference for businesses based on the searcher’s location. If your law firm website is not optimized for local search, you’ll be left out.