The Fundamental Marketing Emails Your Law Firm Should be Sending

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There is no denying that social media is an instrumental tool when it comes to marketing a business. Because of this fact, we often forget about social media’s seemingly long lost cousin, email marketing.  While legal email marketing certainly isn’t as sexy as social media, it can be extremely useful in that it’s one of the most effective ways to directly reach your audience with a particular message, and on average has a much higher potential of actually being seen by your audience compared to social media.

So when should you opt for sending these emails? Once you have established a list of client emails and connections, the last thing you want to do is fill their inbox with nonsense. After all, people don’t just give their email address out to anyone these days.

Here are the best types of marketing emails your law firm should be sending:


You can think of newsletters as an inexpensive, default online campaign. Here you can stay in your subscriber’s head and keep them abreast of new cases the firm is working on, share recent blog posts, announce new hires, or showcase community activities the law firm participated in.  Consider the newsletter as a hub for pieces of information that might not warrant a separate email, but is something you want to share anyway. Be sure to keep it concise, newsletters should always be scannable and easily digested.

Keep in mind that while many firms worry about pestering their clients with yet another email, it’s important to stay consistent. Readers want to feel more familiar with the people they are receiving emails from. Schedule monthly or quarterly newsletters rather than once or twice a year to avoid unsubscribes.

Urgent Legal News and Updates

Chances are, most clients on your email list stay on your email list for the juicy details of urgent news and/or current lawsuit updates. This is a key opportunity to build trust and understanding among your readers. They want your advice and they expect to know what is going on with the latest rulings and how it will affect them.

When you send these urgent updates, give as much information as possible with two objectives in mind: establish your expertise and knowledge of the issue and encourage your readers to get in touch with you should they feel the need. The more consistent you are in blasting emails each time there is an update in your practice area, the more inclined your readers will be to reach out to you if any of the news you shared directly affects them.

Events and Holidays

These occasions provide some of the easiest ways to ensure a top-of-mind presence with your clients. Think of holiday email blasts as virtual greeting cards. It not only proves to your clients that you are thinking of them, but also that you’d like to continue to keep in touch.

With an event, you have the excuse to email your clients and connections on multiple occasions, bringing you to the forefront of their minds (which we can all agree is never a bad thing for a business). Whether you are hosting an educational opportunity, networking affair, charity event or a simple celebration, email marketing is one of the best ways to increase awareness, encourage people to attend, and get a direct response back.


To sum it up, if you haven’t jumped on the email marketing bandwagon yet, you are missing out on major benefits for your law firm. Incorporate emails into your marketing plan, track the analytics and tweak each campaign to cater to your audience. With limited effort and time, you can easily make a huge impact for your firm.


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