Top 5 Reasons Your Law Firm Should Have A LinkedIn Company Page

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With a seemingly endless number of social media platforms available, you may be unsure which ones are right for your law firm. While you might have your own individual LinkedIn profile, many companies fail to build out a comprehensive Company Page, which is a missed opportunity.


LinkedIn is the world’s largest professional network.

Creating a presence for your law firm on LinkedIn means increasing brand awareness, connecting with potential new clients, engaging with industry influencers, and promoting your services and events. Having a company presence on LinkedIn creates great opportunities for your business and can help generate growth. If you need more reasons than that, keep reading.

Your Page showcases your work.

You can look at your Company Page as a “show and tell” medium. LinkedIn members use the site primarily to network with professionals and follow companies for news and industry developments. Your Page is a great place to share what your law firm is doing and how well it’s doing it.

Easily promote important updates and news.

If you haven’t caught on yet, we’ll say it again- LinkedIn Company Pages can be used as your very own legal marketing vehicle. On most social media sites, your important posts can get lost in the shuffle of newsfeeds, as other members frequently post their own updates. With your Company Page, you are able to select a particular update and pin it to the top of your Page’s news feed. It will stay pinned at the top until you choose to remove it. This is a great way to share events, important updates, or exciting success stories.

Not only that, but if a follower likes or comments on an update shared on your LinkedIn Company Page, the content will then show up on the news feeds of their followers, further promoting your news and expanding your reach.

Connections, Connections, Connections.

Some say that a strong network is like money in the bank. A strong LinkedIn network not only helps spread the word about your business and services, but introduces you to strong influencers. When is networking and staying connected not a good idea for any company? LinkedIn makes it remarkably easy to connect with other companies, groups, and individuals. Want to connect with alumni? Looking to hire new talent? LinkedIn is the platform to do so.

Legitimizes your law firm.

Unlike individual LinkedIn profiles, Company Pages are visible to the public by default. Because of this, you can use LinkedIn to increase your law firm’s visibility to LinkedIn users and on the web as a whole. When companies share quality content on social media platforms like LinkedIn, it helps increase your business’ SEO ranking, making it easier for people to find your business online.


It’s also important to note, that a Company Page offers space for valuable online linkage. The backlink to your law firm website created on a LinkedIn Company Page will help build SEO credibility and increase organic traffic. In addition, your LinkedIn Company Page link can be extremely helpful when filling out online directories to help connect potential customers with your business. Finally, it also gives your employees a thoughtfully designed Page to link to in their individual LinkedIn profiles. This offers your law firm indirect company ambassadors and validates to users yet again that you’re legitimate.


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