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Everything Is Interesting: Making Traditionally Boring Topics Relevant

Aug 09, 2016 | by Emma Hanes | Content Marketing | Blogging
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If your law firms implements a content marketing strategy like blogging, you will quickly be faced with a very harsh reality: the field of law is boring to people who don’t work in it. The old saying, “write what you know,” often falls short when lawyers try to become bloggers because what do lawyers know? The law. And what is the law? Boring. 

So how can law firms blog successfully?

Although the law is generally boring to the layperson and average Internet user, a small kernel of interesting information exists within every subject. To correctly identify the interesting part, the author needs to understand the audience.

Who Is Your Audience?

This isn’t an existential question. When determining who makes up your audience, just think back to several past clients. Were they small business owners or top-level executives? Were they bankers or farmers? What were their primary legal concerns? Understanding your audience can give you insight into what they find interesting.

If you’re still unsure about what your audience will find interesting, try asking yourself these questions:

  1. What information does my audience not know that could cost them money?
  2. How does the law affect them specifically?
  3. What information would my audience be surprised to hear?

To see these questions in action, consider these three examples.

Say you work in a business and commercial litigation law firm and you want to write a blog post about trade secrets. For a top-level executive whose company relies on a trade secret for its success, an interesting piece of information would be what the company must prove to prevail in a lawsuit. Why is this interesting? Because failing to protect the company’s trade secret could cost the executive and the company lots of money or even their entire business, a blog detailing how to best protect trade secrets would certainly grab their attention.

Maybe your law firm handles bad faith insurance cases and you want to talk about the hotly contested topic of arbitration endorsements. Explaining what an arbitration endorsement is could be a rather lengthy and dense technical blog post itself. The interesting thing about arbitration endorsements is that if you live in certain counties in South Texas, the discount for accepting arbitration endorsements is a complete sham. Some South Texas farm owners had their insurance premiums raised 25% and they were then offered a 25% discount for accepting an arbitration endorsement. This was done in specific counties to target specific consumers, and whether you’re a farmer or a banker, if you live in one of the affected counties, a blog post on arbitration endorsements would be a must read.

If you are a personal injury trial lawyer focusing on car accidents, you will find that there is already no shortage of blogs about accidents. To make your blog stand out from your competitors and be relevant to your audience, pick a topic that is related, but unfamiliar to your audience. A great topic would be the explanation of “move over laws.” In short, “move over laws” require motorists to move over for emergency vehicles. While all drivers are taught to make way for fire trucks, ambulances, and police cars, Texas drivers would likely be surprised to learn that they have to move over for tow trucks too. Drivers in Arkansas would probably be shocked to know that failure to abide by move over laws could lead to a three-month jail sentence.

Content Marketing For Lawyers

A proper content marketing strategy can do wonders for your business. It can help boost SEO value, build credibility, and help you obtain new clients. If you’re not using a content marketing strategy, you’re missing out. It’s not always easy, but if it were easy, everyone would be doing it. If you want to implement weekly blogging and other content strategies but may not have the time to do it yourself, contact us.

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Emma Hanes has written content for dozens of attorneys and law firms with a variety of different practice areas. Her work has been featured in the Texas Bar Journal, the Top 10 Blog Posts from the Texas Bar Today, and SmallLaw's Pick of the Week.

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