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Google Now Shows Tweets In Search Results

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In May, Google and Twitter partnered to bring tweets into mobile search results. This partnership and the subsequent mobile indexing of tweets as organic search results were huge for Twitter and social media users like me.

Google updated its original announcement that it will now also be including tweets within search results on desktop as well, and in English everywhere.

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Why Google Indexing Tweets is Great For Twitter

  1. More information is indexed and available to searchers.
  2. Increased tweeting and engagement with tweets via Google.
  3. Twitter’s growth has slowed in recent years, so hopefully this will lead to increased signups for new Twitter accounts.
  4. Twitter becomes more relevant to a wider audience.
  5. Broader reach for the network’s users, increasing showing Google searchers the appeal of use.
  6. Potential increase in advertising revenue for Twitter.

Why Google Indexing Tweets is Great For Searchers

  1. Easier to find the Twitter conversation as part of your search engine search results and join right in, instead of having to search in Google and then search in Twitter.
  2. Social listening just became easier – you can now find out in real time what people are saying about the items you are researching.
  3. Real time social sharing from both brands and individuals is now associated with their search engine results. 
  4. Google searchers can also search for hashtags and see those results in Google too.
  5. Your tweets are likely indexed faster than your digital content. Since Twitter granted Google direct access to its network, your tweets appear instantly or within seconds.

What Does It Look Like?

Look at what I found when I searched for myself on a desktop machine - Google indexed my tweet in seconds. That arrow to the right means that you can click and see even more of my tweets while staying within the Google browser window.

Lawyers: Watch What You Tweet

For all of the lawyers who said Twitter was a waste of time - you were wrong. And one bit of advice to lawyers: please make sure that whoever is running your Twitter account is doing a good job, because now your law firm’s tweets will be hitting the most significant search tool in the world in real time. Since this feature is still very new, it is unclear what happens in Google’s search results if you delete a tweet in Twitter – they may still remain archived, so watch out!

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