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What Is Podcasting And How Can It Boost My Law Practice?

Aug 17, 2016 | by Amanda Taylor | Marketing Services
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If you’ve been living under a rock lately and haven’t heard of podcasts (think hybrid of broadcast and iPod) you’re missing out on a major value-added vehicle here. A podcast is an audio show, usually made up of a series of episodes, which can be downloaded from a computer, smartphone or Mp3 player.

Anyone with a computer and Internet connection can create and circulate a podcast. Listeners are able to subscribe to podcasts, download them and then listen at their convenience. While podcasts have been around for over a decade now, there has been a recent surge in listenership over the last few years and the podcast industry has exploded. Why is this? Technology, smartphones and apps have made listening to podcasts tremendously easy for users. In the past month alone 39 Million Americans will have listened to a podcast. Because of its recent boom in popularity, podcasts serve as a great avenue to attract attention, grow businesses, and build relationships among consumers and industries.

Thinking about starting a podcast for your law firm? There are hundreds of reasons this idea could be one of your best yet. To break it down, here are the best examples of how your law firm can benefit from podcasting.


Build Your Audience and Increase Traffic

Sure, your law firm has a blog, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and the other trendy marketing necessities. However, podcasts present the opportunity of tapping into a much less-saturated market. A Google search of “legal blogs” for example results in over 30 million options. Google “legal podcasts” and you’ll notice a much smaller number of nearly 3 million. If you get more specific with legal niche practices the number of podcasts in the results is much, much smaller,  making this audience yours for the taking.

Starting a podcast allows law firms to further reach potential clients or connections who are much more likely to hear what you have to say  because it is released from a much less-congested medium.

Additionally, utilizing podcast directories and apps such as iTunes or Google Play Music will give you another way to increase awareness, boost your SEO ranking, and slowly build a subscriber base you otherwise might not have had with your social media channels alone.


Acquire Believability

Let’s face it, when a person is asked to think of who they rely on most for trustworthy, straightforward information, the word “lawyer” isn’t always at the top of the list. Lawyers have an unfair reputation for being greedy and unethical, but podcasts episodes allow lawyers and legal experts to build a trust and rapport with their audience. By introducing guest speakers to present, previous clients to share testimonials, or interviewing partners for a more personal touch, a much more authentic, natural, relatable side is revealed to your audience. Audiences will be much more likely to trust the information you share after listening to your podcasts, and in turn, be more comfortable going to you when they need something.


Establish Your Expertise

Think of podcasts as an avenue for you to share your extensive knowledge on legal matters and serve as a thought leader in the legal industry. Whether you want to host a podcast to discuss your own law practice, or go a different route and share legal experiences or things to know about starting your own law firm, this medium is the perfect place for you to establish expertise on the subject.

To be a successful attorney, you must prove you are worth your fee. To be a successful podcaster, you must prove you are worth listening to. By doing this, you can build a loyal following and will even acquire influential connections to appear on your show. Forming these connections will not only help build your reputation and credibility, but it will exponentially expand your subscriber base.


Try Podcasting

Podcasting can be the single most effective medium for your law practice. By sharing your expertise and caring enough to share valuable information for free, listeners will be much more likely to remember you, and trust you in a time of need.  

If we convinced you to go ahead with podcasting, here are some great resource for how to get started on your legal podcast, and how to be successfulwith your legal podcast. If you think podcasting is a greatmarketing tool, but you don’t want to go it alone, contact us for help.

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