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Does digital marketing feel overwhelming and too “high-tech?”
Are you not able to quantify your marketing return on investment or success?
Do you have uncompleted ideas or projects you started to market your business that you wish someone could finish?
Are you too busy litigating and running your business to meet with vendors and implement efficient internal practices to modernize your business model?

If you are a small to medium sized law firm owner and you answered yes to any of these questions, contact Stacey E. Burke, PC for assistance with your marketing and business efficiency needs.


What is a digital marketing audit and why is it important for a law firm?

Getting your law firm to have a sustainable position online may take months, if not years. It is a huge and expensive task that demands both a long-term commitment and ongoing work on an indefinite basis. When your digital marketing efforts are fruitful in getting you the online authority you want, it does not mean you are finished – and techniques that worked to get you there eventually become obsolete. Therefore, a regular audit of your digital assets can be invaluable for gauging... [MORE]

How to Find the Right Speaking Engagements for Your Firm

Oct 23, 2018 | by Elizabeth Flake | Law Firm Branding
If you’re an attorney, chances are you’ve more than likely had to attend various continuing legal education courses in order to maintain an active license and to further your legal education after law school. However, what if in addition to attending these events, you also wanted to raise the visibility of your law firm by speaking at the event?  As speaking opportunities for lawyers can be a major marketing pull in terms of public relations and business development, it is... [MORE]