News Scraping and Your Content Marketing Strategy

News Scraping

Content marketing is a great way to promote your law firm and obtain new leads. By creating engaging and informative content, law firms can increase their website traffic and encourage more conversions from users. One of the newest tactics used by content marketers is news scraping, and savvy law firms looking for a competitive edge should consider adding it to their marketing strategy.

What Is News Scraping?

Traditionally, any type of web scraping is a process where an individual or software “scrapes” or extracts data from a website. Because “scraping” is essentially the extraction of data, many industries use different types of scraping, but it can be particularly effective for marketing. One type of scraping in the marketing industry is content scraping: a black hat tactic where an individual scrapes (or copies) a website’s content and uses it on their own website. It’s important to note that not only is this plagiarism, but copying another website’s content will hurt your website’s organic search engine rankings (translation: there’s no benefit to doing this – and many negative consequences – so don’t even consider doing this!).

One of the most effective and beneficial types of scraping in the marketing industry is news scraping, and it is really helpful for obtaining more traffic and engaging users. News scraping refers to monitoring and analyzing news sources to discover new, relevant topics you can use on your website as a blog post or other piece of content. News scraping is not copying someone’s content, but rather finding a hyper relevant topic you can use as a basis for valuable content for your law firm’s website.

Why News Scraping Works

News scraping works in two ways. First, it helps you stay ahead of competitors by anticipating the needs and interests of potential leads. Successful news scraping is when users who are searching for certain information or answers find your content on the subject. Second, news scraping utilizes hyper relevant topics to connect with users. A user should see an excerpt of your content in search results or on social media and think, “Hey! I heard something about that” or “That happened to me.” When this occurs, you’ve created a connection between users and your law firm. This makes the user much more likely to convert.

An Example Of News Scraping

Anyone who has closely followed Houston news in the past week may have noticed there were a number of wrong way car accidents across the city. These incidents can serve as a topic for blog posts that educate users on how alcohol impairs the body and mind, what the laws are regarding drunk driving, and who is responsible. The post could include drunk driving statistics and information about Texas Dram Shop laws. Most importantly, the post should include what rights victims have after a drunk driving accident and include a call to action ton contact your law firm.

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