3 Mistakes Your Law Firm Is Making On Facebook

Facebook Mistakes

Think about the last Facebook post your law firm shared. How was the engagement? The reach? These days, it seems as though business pages on Facebook are either thriving with every post or truly lacking in growth and interaction.

Facebook is a top social media platform for a reason and shows no signs of slowing down any time soon. While your law firm might be active on the network, it’s important to also keep up with trends, best practices, and put in the work to beat out the competition. So how do you stay above the curve when it comes to your Facebook business page? Today we are going to share a few things not to do, which should ultimately help your page flourish with the best of them:

Facebook Mistakes You Might Be Making:

1. Ignoring Video

We’ve said it before, and we’ll say it again- video is the best performing content on Facebook these days. As you can see from the BuzzSumo chart above, the video content format generates the most engagement of any content on the network. Video performs three times better than typical text and link posts and two times better than photo or image-based posts. If your law firm isn’t utilizing this opportunity to spread the word about the work you do, the time is now.

Your video content can feature anything, from client testimonials to attorney interviews, or even a photo slideshow highlighting an event the firm hosted or attended. Be sure to follow Facebook video best practices and definitely incorporate live video in the mix. A Facebook Live session could entail a FAQ series with attorneys, a “day in the life” feature, or even a simple “get to know our staff” session each month.

2. Perpetual Calls To Action

Did you know that by including a call-to-action (CTA) in your Facebook ads or posts, the network deprioritizes it? Facebook doesn’t give preference to posts encouraging its audience to leave its network. While you will want to share evergreen content from your law firm’s website and blog (and you should!), you will need variety in your posts to keep people on your page. Think of using an infographic or video uploaded natively to the channel. You can still establish yourself as an expert in your practice area on your business page without sending your followers to your own website with every post.

3. Antisocial Behavior

Believe it or not, it’s essential not only to engage with your audience members, but also to engage with other Facebook business pages. Did you know if you share a post by another page, the engagement you receive will count towards YOUR page? While it doesn’t mean you should slack on sharing original content and videos yourself, it does mean you should share useful information from other news sources.

Another antisocial Facebook behavior of which law firms are guilty is constantly selling ourselves. If you constantly self-promote, you will lose your fans. While there is no magic percentage you should follow to boost your Page’s engagement, it is crucial to keep in mind your audience wants news they can relate to and information that will help them out when they need it. If you are exclusively sharing your own content and consistently building your law firm up, people will get tired of it.

Mix it up by sharing posts from others, engaging with comments on your page, and returning the favor and interactions on your followers’ profiles and other business pages.

Facebook Help- Now What?

We’ve given you a few of the key no’s when it comes to Facebook content. Moving forward, your law firm should engage in Facebook groups and Facebook live, always comment back when people engage with your posts, and find other news sources or experts that provide great information and share their posts.

If you find yourself needing help with the tips and tricks mentioned above, contact the Facebook and social media professionals at Stacey E. Burke P.C. for a social media audit and help with your business pages today.

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