3 Best Practices for Your Law Firm Holiday Social Campaign

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For many law firms, the holidays are a time for working around the clock to tie up any loose ends before family or vacation time. While it is certainly a busy time of year, it can also be a great opportunity for community involvement and charitable efforts. Devoting time to connect with a local organization that lines up with your firm’s practice areas or passions is a great way to end the year, especially when done right. Follow our tips below to create and run a successful charitable campaign on your law firm’s social media accounts this holiday season.

1. Make sure it’s a good match.

The first step in your social media charitable endeavor is to find an organization that aligns with your law firm’s practice areas, values, or passions. The more the cause matters to you, the more likely social media users are to engage with the posts your law firm shares. Whether you have an existing relationship with the organization already or not, it is a good idea to reach out to them beforehand to let them know you’d like to support their cause by running a social media campaign.

2. Use the right messaging.

Once you find the organization you want to partner with and reach out to them, be sure to work with them as a true partner to ensure you use the proper language, logo, and images. Many institutions have restrictions or specific protocols when it comes to using their logos, using images of children, and more.

In the firm’s social posts, it is a great idea to highlight the work the association does and why it matters to your law firm. It’s important to avoid focusing the posts on your lawyers and your law firm, and instead structure them around the cause, the impact the group has on the community, how your law firm plans to help, and how others can help as well.

A simple method of raising awareness for a charity on your law firm’s social media channels can involve sharing the organization’s mission, and offering to donate $1.00 for every social engagement your post receives or matching the contributions your followers donate to the organization.

3. Encourage employee involvement.

Once you’ve encouraged the involvement of your social media following, you should urge the firm’s attorneys and staff members to get involved as well. The firm can run an annual day of giving for staff members that coincides with the social campaign. Attorneys can take turns sharing the firm’s social posts on their individual social profiles or writing a blog post about why the organization you are partnering with matters to them. Sharing personal pieces will resonate with your audience and inspire people to not only engage with your posts but also to identify with and support the organization on their own.

Social Campaign Help

While a lot of good will come from a social media holiday campaign, there is no denying the extra amount of work necessary to make sure it runs smoothly. If you find yourself wanting to run a holiday campaign on your firm’s social channels but are unsure of how or where to start, we can help. Contact the social media marketing experts at Stacey E. Burke P.C. today to learn more.

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